TLB Volksworld display - ideas wanted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JenW, Mar 13, 2013.

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    yer but home now been to show all day and thats that so came home today
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  3. Is vowo not open tomorrow?
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    of course its on but i had enough time to go around today and the weather put me off:)
  5. Just checking, rather than leave early and be disappointed!
  6. Had a good day at the show today. It was nice to say Hi to a few TLBers face to face and I have to say a special 'well done' to hippyrichy and JenW for their efforts in the snow with Tea and cake,
    and Tiny-Pie, here is your cake stand being put to good use.
    I'll put some pics up in a separate thread.
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    I'm going to pop by aswell tomorrow, but will be part of the day commoners!
  8. good job i laminated the bunting.... ;) looks a bit soggy there ....well done jen and rich xxx looks good x
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  9. Yeah gotta say the wisemans did a cracking job of organising it all
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  10. Very well done and hats off to you for surviving the cold, windy, icey, unpleasant conditions. Sorry we couldn't stop for a proper chat
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  11. Cheers that just upset my wife that means we need to leave at 3.30 AM instead of 4.30 AM :)

  12. I'm coming up the M4 if anyone wants to get hold of me my No is 07800 566950 as I won't be able to check on-line again now till I get there :)
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    You have to admire the Wismans dedication. Big hugs to them.
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  14. Good to meet some of you guys today , see you tomorrow in my Single cab.
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  15. Well done to all TLB-ers organising and contributing. Still sad to have missed it all :(
  16. Lofty that is a brilliant photo - I've stolen it for fb

    Thanks everyone who helped with the contributions and the display both days - definitely something we will be expanding and improving!
  17. I was so amused by people's suspicion of free tea and cake!
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  18. Well done Jen and Rich we were glad to help, still can't get over why people didn't want FREE TEA and CAKE. But there you go we tried.




    Dave and Jeanette. (Mango72 and his better half)
  19. I just wanted to say a BIG THANKS to everyone who contributed this year.

    Firstly, Lennybus for the HUGE effort he put in to his cake making, charity shop scouring and sign making. It's a shame we could not use even a 3rd of the stuff you provided for us - Legend!

    Secondly, Mango72 and Mrs for backing us up, providing us with clean cup and ginger bunnies, ensuring there was always something there to pour in to.

    Thirdly, James from EB who just happened to be passing and decided to get stuck in on the Sunday, ensuring kettles were boiled and things were running smoothly behind the scenes. Also thanks to his friends who helped with pouring, wasing and flapjacks.

    Fourthly, Fancy-bug for keeping us stocked with hot water.

    Fifthly, Majorhangover and @mrsmajorhangover for their effort. Really sorry and disappointed we didn't get to use your signs and cakes! Thanks anyway!

    Everyone else who displayed marowak for getting his bus out of the mud, @mickyblue.

    Also thanks for everyone who came and supported us throughout the day.

    Finally, thanks to Birdy for the wonderful view that greeted us as we got back from the pub on Friday night and Mike4 for his friday night bus party.

    Oh yes, I must also mention die schnecke bus for a warm space on Friday night and @bugcatcher for some truly delicious home brew.
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    well done hippy richy and jen :) nice to meeting you richy
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