TLB Volksworld display - ideas wanted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JenW, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. So I think we've settled on a theme for the display this year - vintage / retro tea party

    Some people have kindly offered to bake cakes - I'm sure more would be welcome.

    Anyone got ideas on how we can keep lots of tea on the go besides always boiling the kettle?

    In terms of decoration - anyone got some bunting they'd be willing to donate? What about tablecloths? Or teacups?

    What else can we do to attract people down to our bit of the show?

    What about games? Swing ball? anyone own space hoppers? What are easy kids games?

    I've been holed up revising for an exam all weekend and am lacking inspiration so thought I would turn it over to the good people of TLB for help.
  2. i could send you a cake stand made from records if you'd like? x
  3. I'll try and steal some bunting ;)
  4. raid charity shops for teacups... erm.....cut up some old flowery clothes amd make missmatch flowery bunting :) x
  5. Got you some sun faded bunting cut into van window lengths
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  6. set of old lace curtains for table cloths... obviously made to look pretty :) x
  7. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    don't anyone have a tea urn to borrow you as i have a small generator ?
  8. Right - charity shop on saturday it is then
    This is exactly the sort of ideas I need guys
    Tiny-Pie - if you are willing to send the cake stand I'd be very grateful - do you know anyone coming to the show that you could send it with?
    MrGrey - brilliant stuff
  9. I'm not convinced they'd let us have a generator inside the show ground - and they aren't really responsive to questions
  10. Don't tell them ;) just use it and if they tell you to stop, no harm done.
  11. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    well if you can you may use it but check it will run the urn first as it a small one ,can give you more details if needed
  12. i can send it flat pack can keep it... it's simple to put together... i'll make a little sign too... keep calm and drink tea or something like that...?

    pm me your address :) x
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  13. The plan is to run the tea party between specific times, say 12-1.30.

    I'm brewing some ginger beer and elderflower fizz for the occasion.
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  14. I'll make a nice sponge cake with a 70s topper and maybe some biccies (I'm an amateur cook!) and can bring some bunting and a space hopper if that's any good?
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  15. yes was going to suggest some pink lemonade or something similar served so elderflower fizz sounds like a winner ... paper doilies make cute/cheap bunting you can get packs from the pound shop x there are many diff ways of making it... just a cheap decorative idea :) x You+will+need.JPG
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  17. ^^^^^ liking the bunting idea.^^^^^^^^

    A good call and would look very retro.
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  18. I've got a couple of cake stands to go with the cakes I'm making and i can go on a charity shop / pound shop mission this weekend and try to find table cloths, bunting, china etc if it would help. Also i don't know how much space we will have, but because of the dodgy weather I do have a pop up gazebo just in case it turns nasty! It is big enough to fit a van inside so may be a bit too big but it's there if you need it.
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  19. i dont really seem to have much free time at the moment .... i will wear a waist coat - will that do ?
  20. Waist coat and cravat and bubble machine and bubble mix and your job is done (though make sure your gas cannister is full). I'll work on getting extra battery supplies for the bubble machine - could we maybe borrow your bean bag game? Might be fun for the kids...

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