TLB Volksworld display - ideas wanted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JenW, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. I've hit a bit of a problem with the generator! The person I was borrowing it from now has to work this weekend and its part of his van. I have looked into hireing one and it would be £32 for the weekend. Would people like to chip in for the hire or do we want to go back to the boiling kettle idea. Sorry to let you down

    Jen - what sort of time do we need to be there on sat morn? The world seems to be against me this week so I may not be camping Friday as planned but I can be there as early as you need sat morn.

    Hope everyones prep is going better than mine

    Bring on the beer,bugs and busses

  2. More than happy to chip in just let me know how much.
  3. Happy enough to chip in, but i suspect a hire one will be noisy, kettles may be the simplest answer.
  4. If the generator is going to be noisy we won't be able to use it.
    If it's the same as the one you were going to borrow then of course we will chip in for the balance
    If all else fails boiling kettles it is
    In terms of sat am - we need to meet up around 815 to get in and get set up
  5. We have a spare hob with gas cannisters we're going to bring and if we run out I'm sure we can pick some up at the show. I've also got a space hopper and some paper plates, bowls, napkins and I think some 70s style cups too.
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  6. The generator im sure is going to be a no go

    Use a large capacity kettle most of the point of having a brew is it gives you the time to pause and reflect and natter with others
    We live in an on demand society and when you own an old bus it forces you to slow down and take life at the pace its supposed to go

    When im teaching others about coping in the wilds one of the things i teach is survival is all about a good cup of tea(and for me a smoke)

    When everythings going wrong and you dont know which way to go

    Stop sit down and brew up

    By the time youve brewed up you have calmed and you have a warm drink
    Whilst your sipping a warm drink it gives you time to organise where you have been where you want to go and the best approach to take

    The world moves too fast nowadays and its a pleasure to have the ability to slow it down from time to time
  7. Zed


    A proper quiet genny costs many £1,000's, I've been looking into it. :)
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  8. I think your right about the noise of the generator it's probably going to be too loud. I reckon the kettle idea seems to be the way to go. Like mrs hangover I'll bring my spare hob with extra bottles so I think between us it will work out just fine
  9. Thanks for the heads up zed!
    paradox totally with you when camping but this was for the show - didn't want to be boiling kettles if we could find a faster way of making tea!
  10. They have two according to Laura :thumbsup:
  11. Does anyone have access to some spare wood for me to paint some signs on the day?

    I'm looking for 15X12 inch bits chipboard nailed to a pole (1 by 1?) which can be stuck in to the ground.

  12. Executive decision.

    Thanks Lennybus for your generous and wonderful offer. The generator seems to be a bit of an unknown quantity. To save everyone the stress and cost, I would suggest we follow paradox idea of boiling up some large stock pots on hobs. We can then decant to teapots using a pyrex jug.

    The one problem with this idea is now we need some teapots! We have 1.
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  13. hippyrichy - we can turn the le cruset kettle into a larger teapot - probably more use than it is as a kettle...
  14. Yes. We now have 3 teapots! We also have the big stock pan.
  15. Is there any chance I could get in on the display as a late entry I'm up for Sat or Sun or preferably both? :)
  16. Good work everyone. I will chuck a couple of tea pots And a big pan in the van and I looks like we have it sorted.
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  17. I have been down the shed and it looks like I have some 18mm chip board left over from building my work bench. How many bits do you want me to bring. Also have a length of 1X1
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  18. While rummaging in the shed i Found our swing ball! It's the modern one but swing ball none the less :0)
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  19. Can help with sign wood too if you need it rich, how about a couple or 3 6"x3/4" cut to about 15" with a point at one end like an arrow?
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  20. I noticed your message this morning Chris. I was waiting for Jen to reply but now will have to wait for Jen to get back to confirm.

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