TLB Volksworld display - ideas wanted

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by JenW, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. Well done guys. I did pop along to the display but it was quite late and minus a millions degrees so your dedication is greatly ad
  2. ...admired.
  3. It was a great display, and the tea and cakes were fantastic. I've got a couple of pictures but I haven't had a look at my camera yet - supposed to be doing some proper work at the moment. I'll post them up when I get a chance. It was really nice to meet some of you, well done for braving the weather. Nest year we will all be in shorts and t-shirts again!
  4. Good to meet everyone this weekend heres a few of my photos
    uploadfromtaptalk1364154897200.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1364154929644.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1364154953536.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1364154975193.jpg uploadfromtaptalk1364154998096.jpg
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  5. They are on my phone ill post more when ive taken them off the big camera.
  6. Great to meet you too!
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  7. Good to meet you guys hippyrichy & JenW and put names to faces, thanks for the tea (served from 70's retro chic crockery!) and cakes as saved me about £5 in tea! and well done for braving the artic conditions as long as you did! Top work to Tiny-Pie on the record cake tray - well cool.

    And to the guy who was saying to you/Jen when packing up "All these are rubbish old buses, but just in different levels of rubbishness" or something along them lines.. HOW RUDE!
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  8. Wtf... Why would someone even say that... Ay a vw show?? Some people really are horrid

    Anyway well done to all involved, looked like a great show...hopefully we can make it next year and we have a 21 degrees heat wave xxx

    Cheers Kruger x
  9. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I feel like that some days at work... :rolleyes:
  10. I agree with the sentiment aswell sometimes, but I think the way it was said made myself and a friend both raise an eyebrow!
  11. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    They were just winding you up. Probably sold their immaculate Westy for £500 10 years ago. ;)
  12. Probably jealous and driving around in something that has no charisma or character and is dead boring as well.
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  13. Thanks very much to Rich and Jen for admiring our interiors, And hopefully we'll see you again soon. And for the Lovely cakes which was very nice.

    The Rubbish bus's were the ones that drove on to Trailers, If you can't drive it there don't show it!!!
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  14. Sorry we missed the tea party. We left after breakfast before campsite became too chewed up, a real shame about weather especially after last year,
  15. Thanks Rich, Jen etc for the cakes (very impressive as was the cake stand) and the tea (which revitalised vital organs given it was so perishingly cold) - a heroic effort and great display. Great to meet you too and sorry I couldn't stay longer as had a v cold daughter with me. (As for the rude bloke - he probably turned up on the wrong weekend and was meant to be at the world button collecting conference next week)
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  16. That's really funny! I didn't hear him at all! What snobbish lycheeface!

    Favourite quote of the weekend "I'm the bloke who angle grinded his face off" - provided by Kruger!
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  17. Beautiful interiors! Look out for a PM very soon.
  18. No worries. Sorry I was too busy to properly chat.
  19. Bhubesi

    Bhubesi Supporter

    My son, wife and I visited you all, on Sunday afternoon, and we were very well received and shown around a couple of your campers....................but sadly we had no idea it was you guys from this forum which is a shame! Looks like your sign had blown away.
    .....................The B!@#$ NOISE:( right next door to you all, (that is meant to be music), and the awful weather did you all no favours.
    The bottom line is...................well done for taking the effort, I hope you enjoyed yourselves, and lets hope next year is a little kinder.:thumbsup:
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  20. I remember you guys! Agreed it was a mission. I hope you get the interior you are after! Have a check at what sjhjoinery has to offer. A really nice chap too!

    I'm sure the weather cannot be that bad again and hopefully we can get a spot on the lawn next year!

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