TLB Springcamp in the middle - Rutland Water - 2nd/3rd/4th/5th May 2014

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  1. I've not bothered with fancy dress. I can come in my pants and be Mr Premature ejaculation! Lol

    Half way there, about 60 odd miles to go!
  2. lol!
  3. And we're off.... Two jaffas in convoy!
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  4. The Robowagen will def not be the first to arrive.... Big yellow taxi for us :-((((
  5. Nooo! Whats happened? :(
  6. Your asking a woman here!!'
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  7. Oh no :(
  8. Minor hiccup were back on route :)
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  9. Cheers please as we enter the site!
  10. Razzyh

    Razzyh Supporter

    Leaving about 8 arrive 10pm if I'm lucky - can someone warn the warden
  11. [​IMG]
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  12. Sorry guys, we won't be there tonight. Di & I have both been ill this morning :(. We'll see how we're feeling tomorrow morning and take it from there.
  13. Hi all... we're just leaving Portsmouth now so may not arrive until 10ish but we'll be there ASAP.
    Update... we've decided 10pm arrival with a 20 month old baby's gonna be too late, so we've stopped off in Milton Keynes for the night and will join you in the morning. Shame we're missing the fancy dress! See y'all tomorrow! :)
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  14. On our way!
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  15. In work :(
    Was hoping to see some pictures but I guess the signals rubbish or your all having such a good time :) :thumbsup:
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    I've got that bit for you :)
  17. I'll post some up when I get home tomorrow :)
  18. @WoodyLubber thanks for arranging the camp site etc, had a great weekend. Hope to meet up again sooner rather than later.

    Thanks to everyone who was there Friday and Saturday we both had a great time, a little worse for wear Saturday morning, I can admit that now. At least we made it up to see Saturday morning.

    All the best for the rest of 2014

    Dunk and Linda
  19. Thanks also from me and Mrs-Mk-Bay (aka Andrew and Karen)... it was a bit of a fleeting visit - for one night only - but it was good to meet some fellow TLB'rs and chew the cud over a jellybaby vodka (thanks to @ian and cathie for that!). Thanks to @WoodyLubber and Lou for arranging the venue and for dealing with last-minute 'rally' issues, and to @Barneyrubble for helping with our awning. See you again soon. ps... fab photos @Wispy :)
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  20. Well simply the second best camp of all time , thanks ;), cheers @WoodyLubber and @loudoo2 for all your pre camp sorteez n your worrying time. What a great crowd , some right wierdos :lol: dogs numeroso with various party tricks burger retrievers , ickle ones big ones tarty ones n more. Cheers to @TomEv86 for the norvern lingo lesson n the coffee te airs n beers , cheers @lola for suggesting this beautiful place , we really missed you :(@Robo von elvis was great to meet you n the robo troop , gooly theirs sooo many and so much fun to talk about , ill try n find time to do a ickle story when im not so tired , @oscar hope the vibrator worked ok on 12v :D. We had i nice extra couple of days , met up with the wombats , n listened to the bells for two days:D , n off loaded a bit more food :rolleyes:.Thats it for now , i will try n find time to put my pics up with a ickle story or two soon . Great camp great people as always TLB stands for ...................................................................................................................... chuffin great times !!! Cheers everyone.:beer:

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