TLB Firetec Group Buy MK2

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JenW, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Mine arrived too yay. It was delivered to my daughter's employer's business address and as she is out of the country most of the time driving HGV's across the Continent - I have only just got it from her. It's fitted and I am so pleased. Thanks Jen for all your hard work. Karma to you.
  2. Got my Firetec wired in today. I got with the Exquip and have fitted two LEDs beside the hazard flasher switch on the dashboard. I'm quite pleased with how neat it looks in the engine bay.

  4. Its mounted on the side of the spare wheel well and tucked up out of the way. I explained on the form how I wanted to fit it as I couldn't work out which was the one I wanted. I think it actually isn't the under ceiling one as the instructions said fit vertically or with the marked line facing down (which I did).

    I have the switch wired via a fuse to the leisure battery at the minute which works fine but I think I am going to swap to a supply that comes on with the ignition as the green "everything ok" LED on the dash is on all the time and is a bit bright.

    It is ever so reassuring having one of these fitted.
  7. Nice engine bay Bertiebot...!!! 8) 8)

    Hopefully get my firetec fitted once my engine goes back in...!! LoL ;D

  8. Top tip, take out the firewall and tin whilst your engine is out and get it all shot blasted and powder coated. Its pretty cheap to do and looks amazing. My firewall cost £15 to do and looks new. You would be amazed at the. Difference in how your engine bay will look.
  9. yep, and while the firewall is out check/change all the joints on the pipes to the tank behind it ;)
  10. One step ahead guys but cheers for the tip..!!! :)


    All Prepped and Painted..!! 8)

    And the fuel tank will get the same treatment..!! :)
  11. Did anyone use self tappers rather than the bolts supplied? I can't use the bolts where I want to mount it.
  12. I made a couple of extra brackets and used the original self tappers on the left hand side firewall,so as not to drill extra holes.Seems OK
  13. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    Just incase anyone is after a firetec before this site does another group buy, are doing a group buy at the moment although i belive that firetec have "moved the goalposts" and now 40% discount only comes if 40 or more order....... so if we do one later in the year it could take a while.
  14. Me being a tight git its Lucky I removed mine before I sold the van.
  16. :thinking: I really should take my firetec off the kitchen countertop and fit it into the van ::)
  17. Thanks for the heads up Ricky. I was too late for this one so gone over to the other side and signed up. It's looking like only a 33% discount though...
  20. Has anyone had to test these at all? Are they any good?

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