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Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by JenW, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Mine turn up at work yesterday but i was off so had a nice large parcel on my desk this morning...!!! :) :) :)

    Cheers Jen....!!!
  2. K+ Jen, turned up, chafeguard, switch n all.

    Thanks too - Majorhangover for some engine baffle template files - I've a busy weekend ahead.
  3. Foz

    Foz my parcel only to find they've forgot to pack the switch i'd ordered along with the extinguisher!.....why me?!!! :mad:
  5. Foz


  6. Ah bugger. Hope it's resolved stress free.

    Here's a quick pic of mine and info from Firetec.


    The pressure switches that are built into Firetec equipment (as an option), respond to change of pressure within the cylinder. They do not in any way influence the actual system itself. They can not be used to either activate (trigger) or deactivate (shut off) the automatic function of the system.

    B&M switches have 4 terminals.

    One is a common earth which is not used in vehicles.

    One is a common live.

    Each of the remaining two are switched on (live, i.e. with the circuit completed) or switched off (breaking the external circuit)…. in turn, depending on whether the pressure within the system is above or below 5 bar.

    As examples: the switched-on side of the switch can be put into a normally closed circuit that is usually on e.g. to maintain power to a fuel pump or dash LED … while simultaneously the switched-off side of the same switch can put into a normally open circuit e.g. to sound a buzzer should the pressure fall below 5 bar.
  7. so excuse me been thick lol :)
    brown wire to live -do i have to put a inline fuse on this
    green wire earth
    black - to a led
    grey to a led
    of the two leds one will be on constantly and one will light up if something is wrong

  8. Ours turned up yesterday, many thanks Jen for sorting this out.
  10. Foz


  11. I'm confused now - I thought you said it didn't have a switch.

    Can you get in touch with Tim directly to sort this out?

    The Exquip ones are different to the B&M switches so if you have a switch with spaces for two LED lights you likely have the one you ordered...
  12. Foz


    Ok i spoke to Tim, and it appears I've been sent just the normal 2 spade switch, instead of the newer, better equipped 'exquip' switch which has 4 spades on it for the extra led's etc.

    It seems i was the only 1 to have ordered this switch, as there is only 1 listed on the complete TLB order.

    My confusion arose because i was expecting some wiring, and switch fitting instructions in the box
    Along with the bottle and hose.

    Tim has kindly offered me a refund on the switch that wasn't sent to me. However he did state that it has been sent out somewhere, so someone amongst us has got a nice 'exquip' switch for nowt, lol.
  13. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    mines fitted thanks jen, pics and details in my bus thread on show us your ride.

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