Theresa May loses televised debate shocker

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  1. I kind of think that a minority government might not be that bad. ie having to take into account the views of others and particularly on Brexit. Strong and Stable doesn't sound like a very conciliatory position to me and is possibly perceived as a threat by the EU leaders. I can see why people might think it sounds good but its not a war, its about negotiation, not threats. The bad deal thing is also inviting them to give us exactly that too... im gonna shut up. Im not a tory and I still think they have a sufficient lead but lets see.
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  2. JT1


    Read both quotes again and yours does appear to be having a pop at benefit claimants - spending it on fags and beer, whereas Hulkmeister's is about capital investment?
    I'm more than likely missing something, often do:eek: , so feel free to point it out.

    Just spent a couple of hours reading the Conservative Manifesto. Lots of words, very few numbers and those that are there, such as the social care £100,000 are now subject to review or further 'consultation' or are rather mean such as the pledge to increase the minimum wage sorry, National Living Wage, by 60% of median earnings by 2020.
    I may well have missed it but there doesn't appear to be any costings, there are some spending details but nothing to say how they will be afforded?
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    Hulkmeister said that Labour should borrow money, we all would go into a debt to get a mortgage, my point is it would be OK if it were Labour spent it on the "mortgage" but in my experience Labour would waste it. nothing at all to do with benefit claimants.
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  4. The tories don't spend it on the mortgage they borrow more ie re-mortgage then put it all in their pockets.
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    Thanks for the clarification. I took it at face value with the fags and beer comments.
    I suppose it depends whether you think expenditure on the NHS, Education, Social Care, Emergency Services, inter generational poverty is squandering our hard earned cash or not. Bit like George Best 'spent most of my money on women and booze and squandered the rest'.
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    Im talking about the last labour government which is all I have to go on, with the Labour the waste and book cooking was shocking
  8. PIE


    I do like a lot of the labour manifesto and if they said they would put a penny on tax to pay for it that would be better, problem is some of the other Labour madness makes them unvotable for me, maybe next time
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  9. @Barry Haynes

    04/06/2017 · by SKWAWKBOX · Bookmark the permalink. ·
    As the SKWAWKBOX revealed on Friday night, Theresa May appears to have broken electoral law during her question and answer session with a BBC Question Timeaudience.


    In front of a television audience of millions, May alleged that Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott had advocated the removal of the DNA samples of ‘criminals and terrorists’ from police databases.

    Abbott has, of course, done nothing of the sort. She has advocated the removal of the DNA of innocent people, because it infringes on our civil liberties, disproportionately affects ethnic minorities and includes the DNA of, for example, victims of crimes such as rape.

    The Representation of the People Act 1983 states that making a false statement about the character or conduct of a candidate is an illegal practice:


    May certainly cannot claim belief and reasonable grounds for belief that her false statement about Diane Abbott was true.

    Now Wirral in it Together blogger Paul Cardin, having read the SKWAWKBOX’s article, has made a formal complaint to the police about Mrs May’s statement and has written an excellent piece that May is not above the law.

    We must hope that the police act accordingly. The political life of this country and the trust of the people in our democratic process require that the kind of wanton dishonesty that has become routine practice for some political parties is dealt with severely enough to end it.
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  10. Perhaps she should have just said abbott was a moron and left it there!
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  11. This ^^ has some resonance methinks!
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  12. Also shamelessley robbed!

    These British volunteers fighting against Isis in Syria want you to vote for Jeremy Corbyn
    Posted 2 days ago by Lizzie Dearden in news
    • UPVOTE
    British volunteers with the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) announced their support for Jeremy Corbyn from the Raqqa front in Syria in June 2017 SUPPLIED PICTURE:
    A group of British volunteers fighting Isis in Syria have called on the UK to vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

    The socialist members of the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) and its International Freedom Battalion backed the Labour leader’s controversial comments on foreign policy following the Manchester attack.

    In a statement sent to indy100 they said:

    Only Jeremy Corbyn knows the way to stop Isis - through a foreign policy that cuts off their funding and supplies at the source.

    Only he has been outspoken in his condemnation of the oppression of Kurds in the Middle East at this crucial time, with the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces about to defeat Isis in their capital of Raqqa.

    The longer Theresa May is Prime Minister, the less safe everybody is, both here in Syria and back home in the UK.

    Picture: Supplied

    The British volunteers, who are on the front line of a mounting offensive to take back Isis’ largest remaining stronghold alongside troops backed by the US-led coalition, said they were fighting to expunge the terror group “for the safety of all of humanity”.

    They accused Mrs May of allowing jihadis including the Manchester bomber, Salman Abedi, to travel between the UK and Libya during the country’s civil war, as well as selling arms to countries that support Islamist rebels in Syria.

    "Along with her toffee-nosed millionaire colleagues in the Conservative Party, she has brought nothing but instability to this region,” their statement read.

    The group, previously known as the Bob Crow Brigade in honour of the late trade union leader, are fighting not just to defeat Isis but for a socialist “revolution” they see as the future for a peaceful and democratic Syria.

    Members previously told The Independent that “dying for socialism is an honour” as they prepared to face Isis’ car bombs, snipers and mines in Raqqa.

    Three British volunteers - a former Royal Marine, a chef and a dairy farmer - have already been killed fighting alongside the YPG in Syria, while other fighters have been prosecuted upon their return to the UK.
  13. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Oh dear, Corbyn it is then, North Korea here I come, better than Corbyn and Abbot
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  14. Save me a seat on the plane!
  15. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    Apparently the Police are looking for Diane Abbot so she can give a statement,they can't find her anywhere, shes disappeared off the face of the earth,if anyone sees her please call Scotland Yard 1212
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  16. I've made a missing person report to Bullshire Police. Where's Wally?
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  17. I suppose Diane Abbot could become PM....:thinking:
  18. Ftfy
  19. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    That woman is so ugly, it looks like her face caught alight and someone put it out with a shovel
  20. At least Bullshire have still been highlighting the cuts to police unlike the shadow home secretary who is strangely quiet over the last two weeks.

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