Theresa May loses televised debate shocker

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  1. That's a bit of a shocker. That's more sugar than a can of cola isn't it?
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    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Shes finished her report:
    We can have an army of professional drivers crisscrossing the country collecting said yogurt pot corners, delivering them to a central distribution depot, sorting them by flavour, and re-distributing them personally to the needy.
    Total cost to the economy? £6.53 per annum.
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    What a wonderful lot you are with such a good natured election campaign.

    Over on Farcebook, I have "friends" on every side of the political spectrum and the comments and posts are positively hateful and acrimonious. It's enough to put you off politics and "friends".

    Thank god for tlb!
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  4. A can of cola has 35g of sugar so the yoghurt has half of that ... having just looked that up its a worry that the NHS say 30g of sugar a day for an adult but the Cola refers to reference intake and says 39% .... that seems to be a slightly confusing measurement of daily allowance and exactly how much sugar you should be consuming. Diet starts tomorrow.
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  5. i can tget it out of my mind.....please sir i am destitute i have lost my home , family and have nowt to eat.....please mrs may give me a drink?
    we will give you a drink no porblem but only when we have strong stable governemt and the economy is healthy and......we dotn have c coalition of chaos...
    but mrs may i have nowt anyway now i may die tonight........Well we can only affrod what we can and there has to be soem strong descisions and we can make them.
    NICE. just a thought no one waits until they can afford ot save up for a house so why do we have to wait until we have enought to spend why not invest now for the future
    isnt that what we all do with a mortgage?? well thoes that have a job with no zero hours .
  6. PIE


    I need a new party formed from parts of the main parties.
    From the Lib Dems, 1p 0n the £ to pay for Labours Education and Social Care policies, Ukips idea of veterans with a clean record having dibs on public sevice jobs plus sacking the forign aid budget and the Conservatives running Brexit,defence and the economy, From The SNP Scottish independence would benafit us all, make them happier and the English better off, and if the Scottish people dont want that they could stop voting those idiots in and get on with it.
    A Slogan of "Strong and Stable Leadership for a better society for the many not the few"
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  7. PIE


    Having worked for a while in the public sector under Labour they weren't spending all the money the borrowed from Wonga on the mortgage, they were spending it on the equivellant of Fags and beer.
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  8. I think you should stand next time around. (interestingly about 15 % of office staff/managers here are ex services or reservists so were already on with that.)
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    I found this yesterday :

    You put in the subjects that matter most to you and select the policies that you agree with. At the end you may find that you've chosen a party that you'd never think of voting for.
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    Harsh! After working in the private sector, I spent many years working in central Government and later the Charitable sector and whilst there were people who abused the system, in my experience the vast majority didn't. What was more shocking was seeing real examples of destitution which I never thought to experience in this country.
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    Im not on about the public blowing benafits Im talking about the Labour Party wasting it on rubbish. You had to read the post I quoted to put it into context
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    My problem is I like some of all the parties policies but not all of any of them if that makes any sense?
  13. something ive not seen discussed...

    im wondering ...:thinking:
    when labour win the election,

    will they.. then want to keep Jeremy as PM

    or will it tear itself apart looking for another PM
  14. or not! Mostly labour with a bit of green and lib dem thrown in.. no surprise there then!
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  15. comments taken out of context. Welcome to my world. but then again I do give people loads of ammo!
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    It does make sense. What it doesn't do is make a judgement on their ability to implement the policy which is my main concern.
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    I can see how it happens, Its a pain to read the small print , I have found myself guilty at times
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  18. im more concerned that they get in on one ticket and deliver something completely different. its a leap of faith!
  19. PIE


    Its not turning out to be the walk in the park that they thought, Im glad cos if they do get in they will realise that they cant just walk over people as much as they thought and they may tone it down a bit.
  20. Barry Haynes

    Barry Haynes I dance in leopard skin mankini’s

    75% conservative 25 % UKIP no shock there then

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