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  1. Do they really go that much better in vans then?
    some people seem to throw their credit card willingly at the convertion
    A half worn out Japanese engine shoved in from a wrecked or MOT failure for 6+ grand
    And No I don't know a thing about it
    Enlighten me/us:)
  2. :gnome:Ahh school night !:)
  3. Im sure with such a non patronising initial posting people are queing up to provide answers for you. Lol.

    I have to say it seemed like a great idea to me until i worked out the costs. Unless your into fabbing and have the knowhow and gear about you then a drive in drive away conversion must be very tempting if youve got the cash available, or even if you just use your van regularly, or indeed are after a modern speed cruiser to eat the miles on the peage or autobahn.

    Im not ruling it out myself as an alternative to buying a more modern bus. From what ive seen, heard and discussed with those in the know or those who have then it is a pleasant experience to have a bit more torque and power with better fuel economy to at least provide some justification. I run a type 4 and tend to keep up with traffic. Although im not about to review my cruising policy i sometimes wish i was travelling well within the engines capabilities rather than the upper end of it and i know it will break at some point. The cost of the scoobie is at least two replacement motors but if i were to be going out to get a type 4 built which might start to compare with the output of the standard scoobie then i dont think it would be far off.

    I do get your point that its highly Likely id be fitting a scoobie motor with higher mileage on it than the vw i was taking out. That said once its converted then replacements are cheap at the moment.
  4. It's an easy way of getting modern car performance. Look here:

    It's not that scientific, but 0 - 55 sub 10 seconds seems normal for a Scooby bay and the best 3 with modified type 4 lumps are over 13 seconds.

    The other point is that air cooled engines have basic issues with getting rid of heat and so even if you make an engine that will do well in excess of the speed limit, getting rid of the heat is a problem if you do that for a long period of time.

    It's convenience, that's why people do it.
  5. A Half worn scooby engine will still have 100,000 miles left in it...
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  6. I'm tempted, seriously tempted! Chelle has given me the go ahead :thumbsup:
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  7. Moons

    Moons Moderator

    Or a full service history car for £600 50k on it or an engine from £100 from an auto with FSH and 67k miles on it.....
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  8. ...or a 3.4 litre Porsche six pot, gearbox and pedal box for £3,000 and then just a leisurely afternoons work with the four big bolts of fun.
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  9. I must admit I'm on the fence .,I can see the attraction of Subaru but I also see the attraction of standard ...
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  10. Is it true that in Japan cars/engines are often shipped out of the country once they are 3 years old?
  11. I love my standard 1600 bus, but I did contemplate a Subaru at one stage during the mini restoration. I live in Dorset so I don't have to go long distances down motorways to enjoy a holiday in Devon or Cornwall or France but pity the poor folk who live in London and like to holiday on The Lizard: a Scooby must be mighty tempting...
  12. What? you mean people put other engines in their bays???

    Hangin's too good for em'.................:mad:
  13. No
  14. It's seven.
  15. Best option is to pick up a Westifelia Subaru engine on flebay, three times the price of a normal Subaru engine but its got westifelia in the title.
  16. Only the total price puts me off, big investment.
  17. Looking and @Sickboy's and @BaySearche's i would. After @Flakey informed me that Diesel sub engines exist i definetly would better miles per gallon and power
    although the cost of a diesel engine to a petrol is alot more, so probley petrol is the way to go.?
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  18. Knowing what I know now having had a rebuilt type 4 I should have gone scooby.

    I guess it's when not if my engine goes again I'm looking at another £3k minimum for another rebuild.

    Including getting the engine bay sprayed and all the tinware powder coated + the engine rebuilt (and the headache since!) for another couple of grand I could have had that scooby engine along with heating, better fuel, reliability etc etc.

    Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    If your replacing your engine for the fun of it then I can see why it's rather expensive. If you actually need an engine and got the cash go scooby.
  19. For those that have gone Scooby how did it impact on your insurance ... @bernjb56
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  20. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    £20 admin fee.
    I also wrote to the DVLA and had the engine number changed on my V5.

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