The San Francisco Adventure Camper

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  1. Had my first drive today. No major issues, running a little hot at 98 degrees, but it was 33 degrees here today. Only other issue is the gearbox is wining it's tits off, so a new one is needed asap. Link to short vid below...

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  2. Moves quicker than mine :)
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  3. This would have made a great TV show. All the bespoke fab work, engine work etc would have made for interesting watching. Can you do another one for discovery channel afterwards please. :)
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  4. Wow - some great work . Enjoy your trip to the south of France - we did it several times in 80s with our two young kids in an old Marina - great fun.
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  5. Roof time. It was severely sun faded and filthy. So a Wash, 400 grit sand, 800 grit sand and lacquer had it looking presentable again.

    Then lacquer

    Just need to stick it on tomorrow and make it pretty inside too
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  7. WOW ....

    That`s a lot of work in such a short time - you deserve a medal :thumbsup:

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  8. Cheers fella. We're due to leave for France in 28 days...and be in Barcelona two weeks after's going to be a close call
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  9. Roofs on...
    Blocked in while the garage door gets modified to allow for the height difference
  10. Old school american steering wheel cover

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  11. Had a go at making out own kitchen pod. Nothing exciting, just practical and cheap...ish. fridge £300, smev £190, units, doors, worktop £180...

    Ran all the cables 1st, then modified the Ikea kitchen units to fit then made up a panel for under the rear seat. Pressures on a little now as it's less than 3 weeks til France and I still need to replace the gearbox, cambelt and put some miles on him...


    Bed removed to repaint





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  12. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Very nice. I love the floor tiles :)
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  13. We do too, although they will drive anyone's OCD mad as there's no set pattern
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  14. I have the same floor in my bay!!! I love it
  15. 20190716_152354.jpg The gearbox I bought for £50 for mocking up was unsurprising knackered. I managed to find a 6 rib closeish to home, but again was a gamble. Luckily it seems ok, but time will tell. Managed to get it swapped and do the canbelt/water pump the same day, which was fun...

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  16. Didn't really have time to upload pics of finishing off the camper, but he's done, and we're in the south of france and made it pretty much fault free.

    Last minute hiccup before we went - shock bolt sheared off the lower torsion arm. Luckily limebug had some relocation brackets so stuck them on:


    Currently in Apt, France;

    The only issue is the horseshoe plates on the rear have bent, giving us massive negative camber and throwing the rear tracking out a mile. I don't know yet whether to try to get some adjustable spring plates delivered to the villa, or just remove the horse shoe plates and lower on spines. Either way, I think the shocks may bottom out, plus I have very limited tools with me...

  17. Stop off in tournus

    First issue we had was a blown indicator bulb, sorted by our 4 year old

    Attached Files:

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  18. The bus is performing well with no overheating at any speed or in traffic, and it's been 35° the past few days.

    On a not so positive note, the horse shoe plates are so bent, it's making it pretty hairy to drive at speed. I phoned round a few places and although Transporterhaus were really helpful, Creative Engineering responded to me faster, and I really can't thank them enough (had a none in stock, so welded a set the same day as my call and shipped first thing next day. Even called to assist with an issue with the courier).

    Rolling about in 35 degree heat is no fun, and very limited tools prolonged the fitting process, but they are fitted now and we're moving on tomorrow morning.



    We have tubs and some higher offset alloys waiting at home ready to fit. I'd like to get it sitting a little lower
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  19. I never updated after our trip, but to sum up in one word...Awesome!

    27 days, 2700 miles, no breakdowns other than the niggles listed above and being able to cruise at french speed limits. We were so lucky with the weather as well - only one cloudy day all holiday.

    Kids were great, no bickering and met some great people along the...Overall, probably our best holiday so far as a family

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  20. Good to see a bus being used as intended.

    You’ve made some memories there.

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