The San Francisco Adventure Camper

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  1. Hello

    This isn’t our 1st stab at a bay build. We sold our Adventurewagen conversion a couple of years back and have regretted it ever since...So whilst browsing eBay a week or so back I came accross what I thought was a rather sad looking late bay Adventurewagen for sale up in Edinburgh.

    I watched the auction end with no interest, so phoned the guy for a chat. He said it was pretty solid and straight, and if it doesn’t sell he’d paint it up all pretty and stick a westy roof on it! What a waste! So we left a deposit and trundled up there and 550 miles later it was in the garage... Although it’s not an Adventurewagen, it’s an Adventure camper...close enough. Heres a few pics;

    F023D113-B603-4FE8-879D-1594F34814C3.jpeg 70CAFE94-4E84-4C4D-95A0-4AF5BFF301D4.jpeg

    Had to remove the roof as the garage was 50mm too short. Should be fine once the engine/interior are fitted


    Pulled the windows and found surprisingly little rot, especially around the front screen which was fine. Started a few repairs to sliding door. The tailgates going to be a bugger.

    9D5F3D6E-552C-4A4E-8648-48816D3EDEFB.jpeg 026ABAD9-771A-408C-BE5B-79A1B5E508B5.jpeg 4F6F5714-815C-4028-8B7C-F06A80851D60.jpeg

    One small patch on the cab floor. Didn’t realise until I’d cut the new panel that it was the wrong one/Marmitety quality. The cargo floor repairs gone back as it was nothing like...

    00368A2A-294B-4BB8-8CD1-A968572602CC.jpeg 16CE2E5B-28AA-4C5C-81E3-37644604BB09.jpeg

    Couldn’t resist a little test polish

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  2. I like polishing old stuff

    This was our tin top that we stuck a hightop on

  3. And bookmark.

    Good Luck!!
  4. Cheers fella :thumbsup:
  5. Looks like a good project! Good luck!
  6. good luck dude, watching with interest!

    The earlybay looked nice :D
  7. Sweet
  8. Good work,
    their very usable...:thumbsup:
  9. Not a very interesting update, but managed a few hours on the bus today.

    Had some issues with poor quality panels and one order got lost so I was hoping to have the welding finished today, but not happening without panels...

    I managed to get both battery trays replaced, a repair to the rear below the light and some to the inner rear quarters where some screw holes had gone crusty. Just a couple of patches on the cargo floor to do and decide how to go about fixing a very rusty tailgate. Few uninteresting pics :(

    27FFB47B-76E5-4F08-AABC-36A09030119D.jpeg A08EDF6F-0600-4D20-90EF-8CDCC7B57515.jpeg C4A3AC5F-CFB6-4F42-8F82-F4ECC626B102.jpeg 89A1C9E7-3840-4D06-851C-3018F0942D51.jpeg 39152F46-AF42-4FC2-A778-A25F63481CAE.jpeg 984D41A4-D5A7-48DB-AF3F-7DAE4CAE3AE7.jpeg

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  10. More fascinating welding :mad: Today’s all about the rear end...everyone loves a tidy rear end...unfortunately, this ones buggered



    Made a start on the lower part which was hiding a lot more rust between the skin and frame, so I have ordered a repair panel. Looks like the previous owner sold the solid imported tailgate for a tidy profit, and popped this rusty turd on instead :thumbsup: cheers buddy!

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  11. looks like a great project. love the look of the lowered early.. spot on. Your new one will be even better though as you've gained a deformation panel ;-)

    good skills there too

  12. More welding :(

    Finished the tailgate and patched the cargo floor. The tailgate repair panel from just kampers was a very good quality part and fitment was spot on, although folding edges over is never fun!


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  13. Floor = done
    Arch patch near rear belt mount = done
    Patches by both front belt mounts = done
    Welding = done :burp:

    Pulled the tank to check it’s condition and cleanliness along with painting it all up. Gave the engine bay a good clean ready to start prepping for paint. Filth :confused:

    More slightly uninteresting pics...but I’ve started, so I’ll finish...

    Before scrubbing

    After scrubbing

    Original factory underseals done it’s job
  14. After a little sabatical on another project, a house move, and work to deal with, I’m back on the camper with the aim to have it rolling and water tight ready for the garage move in the next few weeks...probably not the best time to roll it on it’s side... FD8EA950-DC9F-4A17-B045-99863E7B83B7.jpeg

    Removed the beam for narrowing. I’ve bought end plates and adjusters along with dropped spindles, so should be attempting this soon.

    The under seal, although thick, is chipped and cracked, so the decision was made to remove the loose stuff and re do ready for the glorious UK weather. Before...


    Last, but not least, we have an engine/box. Not the purists choice, but we like southern France, so this bus will be a 5 speed cruiser...
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    Interesting stuff @Locke_Lamora, nice work. :)

    I’ve got lots of original and loose factory under seal on my van. What did you take yours off with please? Cheers
  16. Just a normal decorating scraper/wire brush for the easy to get to bits. The original under seal was very brittle so came off like ice off a windscreen. In between the centre rails is the tricky bit...wish I had a shot blaster!
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  18. Anything that gets the bus back on the road and used is a good thing as far as i'm concerned. Looks like a great project.
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  19. 20181024_184857.jpg lots of jaffa!

    Beam built and fitted (although due to the move, I didn’t have time to make my own so ended up buying one. Have all the bits though to make a narrowed one so will do this at some point to earn some cash back.
    Brakes and bearings done

    Mocked the engine up to look at fabbing some engine mounts. Spoke to RJES about a belhousing conversion and I think that's the was we're going to go with it. I mocked up the subaru box and didn't like the way it sat or the angle of the the cost of the Subaru gears kit when we’ve so much more to buy
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