The Olympics

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  1. Beat me to it - well done Mo :thumbsup:

    Thangyou and goodnight ..

  2. Nice post ! Couldn't agree more
    Do they source these players from a model agency ?

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    Bit tired this morning after watching last nights Olympics.

    Another bronze in taekwondo and another beaten in last seconds.
    Top raced mo farah snd the scot who ended up 4th after disqualifications - I feared mo wasn't going to keep up the pace with a lap to go but then he stormed it

    Women's 4 x 400 was 2 races really! USA and Jamaica running one race and everyone else another. Out 2nd leg runner did a brill catch up to get us back in bronze position :)
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  4. 5k mo wins, 2nd and 3rd disqualified!

    Well done mo
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  5. Brilliant race by the Brits - Emily Diamond on the 3rd leg did it for me , tiny but ran her socks off to pull GB back to 3rd but a great effort by all four of them :thumbsup:

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  6. Tired..... Dont get up so bloody early then!
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  7. Ohhh...I dunno....German Hockey were all over their LGBT commitments....

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    I was initially unsure as to whether to think you were being rude. But as i thought it was quite funny and I know you I decided you meant it in jest........oh, actually, hang on :)
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  9. All inclusive love baby...
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  10. Watching handball. Goalies seem to be wearing trackies and adidas samba? The trainers of middle aged mods and ex footie casuals!
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  11. Closing ceremony is a bit of a drag.

    Like the uk teams daps though.
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