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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Woodylubber, Aug 2, 2016.

  1. Woodylubber

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    Growing up it was Massive in our house we even got our first colour tele for the 1972 Olympics but this time I'm not really feeling it yet and it starts this week, Maybe it's because it's on the other side of the world and we've had loads of top sport this year already and the massive build up to the 2012 London one's. Still looking forward to watching and getting exited about random sports you never really watch thou along with the big stuff.
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    Too much choice I guess, I remember as kids and through the 80's being excited but now it's all drugs and daft sports. I doubt I'll watch much, might see if they catch that virus I suppose.
  3. Terrordales

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    I'll wait for the Paralympics, those folk are the real athletes.
  4. Loved the Olympics since I was a kid, really looking forward to them starting:thumbsup: 1972 are the first ones I can properly remember as well though I'm not sure we were posh enough to watch in colour:(
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  5. Tuesday wildchild

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    Let's us know when it's over so I can put telly on again.
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  6. MorkC68

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    very true. They show real guts and determination that most of us would quit if faced with their challenges. Respect to them!
  7. Baysearcher

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    Apart from Pistorius of course. No respect to him whatsoever.
  8. MorkC68

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    Indeed, though I had forgotten about him!
  9. Unsure if I agree with that, not to take anything away from the paralympions, there are plenty of clean athletes who have overcome years of injury and hardship (get injured, lose your funding) to get there on merit too.

    It's a hell of an accomplishment for anyone deemed talented enough to compete, thankfully London 2012 's legacy is brilliant coverage of equal quality across both sets of games.

    Channel 4's preview adverts are proper good, much better than the able bodied olympic adverts.
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  10. Woodylubber

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    I'm not even sure what time most events are gonna be on Tele, Knowing the results then watching highlights later isn't the same as watching live
  11. bernjb56

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    A lot of the athletics is on in the early hours - 2.30am sort of early hours. Breakfast highlights on those - but, like you said, not the same.
  12. ron


    he,ll more than likely bounce back
  13. Love the athletics - but why have Tennis , Football and Golf in the Olympics? - but football was the only one I could get tickets for in 2012 - semi final in Manchester Brazil vs Korea I think it was.
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  14. We applied for dozens of tickets but we could only get football too. We watched the Ladies semifinal at Wembley between Japan and France though we went to London the day before and made a weekend of it. Was a shame we couldn't get any tickets to events at the Olympic Park but we were determined to be part of the Olympic experience:thumbsup:
  15. One of my sons hates sport - but he managed to get a ticket for an event in the Olympic Park - Men's water polo - when I asked him if he knew the rules/could follow the game - he said NO - It just looked like 10 blokes were trying to drown each other - but he only went to experience the atmosphere in the park.
  16. Much as I admire the talent and dedication of the individual athletes, I feel that they are treated as simple machines by their coaches and support teams. Almost anyone could become an olympic athlete if they were put through the training mill from about six years old. The Russians and the Chinese have got this down to a fine art with or without performance enhancing substances but their children don't have childhoods.
  17. Woodylubber

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    Nope don't agree, You have got to have natural talent first then the expert training will make you better as you get older, these top Athletes and Cyclists and Swimmers etc etc are on a different planet to us mere mortals however hard we train.
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  18. The hundreds of kids discarded by the Russian and Chinese production lines each year would discredit that assertion, as would the hundreds of thousands of athletes who simply never made the games.

    I coached the GB 7's women's captain (Scaz) and a second player (Mo) both of whom are still at our club, and I was the U19's coach for a couple of other of the girls going.

    That squad left behind three or four top class players (and World Cup winners)....the notion that anyone can get there if coached right isn't true.
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  19. Woodylubber

    Woodylubber Obsessive compulsive name changer

    Getting a little excited now after watching the preview show earlier.
  20. Tuesday wildchild

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    Because Tidly Winks doesn't pull the mugs in to help pay for it all.
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