The Olympics

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    Well, what a to do! They could do with the white line going all the way up the track to properly see where the cyclists are.
  2. But it's happened again and Mr G was not guilty!!
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  3. f arse
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    The polish rider looks like he's wearing a cardi.
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  5. The boy can pedal!
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  6. Brilliant
  7. Blimey
  8. Think the battery was going flat on the Durney
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    Get in!!!
  10. Some bloke on a motorbike was in front but then conked out. Shoulda got a scooby!!!
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  11. Stopped twice on the point where the motorbike leaves the track cos of riders supposedly overtaking it too soon
  12. Right outcome in the end! Fantastic.
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  13. Well done to Jason kenny ...:cool:
    Watched all of the false starts and his victory..

    a great sitting down sport. @pkrboo ...:D
  14. I'd like a moan...:D

    Watching Laura trott winning the gold in the onion ;) I senced Mark Cavendish was disapointed in his onion getting silver ,A lot of times he could have "gone for it" gaining a lap (more points) but he did'nt ,I do believe if Laura was in silver medal position she would have "gone for it":hattip:

    Big up for the girl cyclists and most of the men....:D
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  15. Laura wasn't worrying about being disqualified where possibly el Cav may have been. Also if hed gone for it then his opponents would have just gone with him. I was thinking this and then all of a sudden it was too far into the race to achieve it! Maybe he didn't feel he had enough in the tank to do it!
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    I'm watching the men weightlifting. Blimey these fellas are big. I think every single one of them could probably walk into a crowded bar and would be the only one left standing!
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    The Brazilian crowd are a bit partisan!
  18. he who dares wins..

    Sad thing is I am watching as well ,even sadder I should be plumbing a washing machine in for someone ,10 days without one, they must be minging...:D
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  19. Think you've got to remember Cavs Olympic history , if he's honest with himself getting any medal was brilliant, not sure any of his opponents just came from winning tour stages!
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