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  1. Think the Richardson-Walsh's are the first married couple to win gold in team event !
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  3. Merlin Cat

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    Hurrah!!! Hockey rather faster than I used to play! And the rules have changed lots too. :)
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  4. Was just reading the BBC web page and really pleased with how well people are doing, can't help but be delighted for the hockey girls.

    Then there was waffle about football at the bottom. Sneaked in, like a lingering fart.

    Ruined the mood....teams a multimillionaires running around after a ball....mundane.
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  5. Last i looked lancashire was ahead of yorks too! Im off to loughbro uni tomos. Will i win a gold?
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  6. Only if you perform!

    To be fair, Loughborough have had a shed load of governing bodies and facilities moved there, they should be good.
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  7. Woodylubber

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  8. Woodylubber

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  9. Merlin Cat

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    Watched taikwondo final this morning. Gutting for lutalo Muhammad, last sec defeat. But what a crap interviewer after. The poor bloke was in tears and the interviewer just kept mainly quiet with the Mike held in his face. Then finished off saying enjoy the podium! The Athletics bloke is tons better and may have actually spoken to him in a more consoling manner. I'd have given him a hug.

    Got into the horse jumping too, strangely compelling when you get into it.

    Well done 4x100 women, bronze for gb:). Blimey, those USA women are fliers, the final runner leaves a gap like usain bolt.
  10. I love you!
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  11. Merlin Cat

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    The BBC have been strangely quiet on this. There's a married (straight) couple who play badminton who have had quite a lot of press coverage as they are also a married couple.
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  12. Only criticism is the scheduling, seems all the top stuff is done with days left and all we've got now is Handball which is really Marmitee, and boxing and Taekwando, bit anti climactic now, shame :(
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  13. I'm actually really gutted I haven seen more of it, I keep catching the end of events! I remember the same happening last time.
    Must remember in 4 years time to watch from the start. We seem to have had a magical olympics the last two times, hope the next one is the same.
    I don't really follow football but do watch the England games.......really can't be bothered with them anymore. Too much prancing around trying to look cool because they know the cameras are on them, too much trying to get a foul instead of trying to keep hold of the ball, too much arguing with the ref.
    England footballers look like playing for their country is a chore.
  14. Merlin Cat

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    ive just been watching some handball. Serbia v Croatia. No grudge match there then! These fellas look like swimmers crossed with weightlifters!
    Watching footy final now and wondering if I can stay awake for taikwondo bronze medal fights
  15. Has anyone been watching the gymnastics rotation? It's amazing how times have changed aesthetic all look like super models

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  16. Predictive text

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  17. Me neither - football is a splendidly simple game played by splendidly simple players ...

    Only team event i really enjoyed was the womens hockey . Sam Quek must have summat to do with it though ... :D


    Seriously , I`ve never seen it before but the speed , professionalism and attitude of the players was an example to all - no messing around , ref makes a call and they just get on with the game - fabulous - a breath of fresh air after watching the prima-donnas kicking around a bag of wind !

    Well done ladies - you weren`t the best on the night but somehow pulled it out `the bag - blummin marvellous , a very `British` victory:thumbsup:

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  18. Glad Brazil won the bag-of-wind penalty shootout - simply because it`s their games , the match was pretty average to be honest but they won the lottery ...

  19. scrooge95

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    Go Mo!! What a race! Very worth staying up for. Phew!
    ...right, that's it, I'm off to bed now. Well done Mo Farah :)
  20. Sir Mohamed Farah has a nice ring to it...52.9 second lap is amazing.
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