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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lardy, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. Havent read the whole thread for obvious reasons. But anyone know where i can get a aerosol sage green 10oz. Touch up can ,?
    @snotty or @vanorak ....?
  2. AutoPaints in St Helens, UK will mix you some aerosol 2-pack. Nice stuff, but if it's mixed to the paint code, may not match your van. Sage Green tends to become Yellowy-Slimey Green with time.
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  3. Ill take a look see. I actually painted this bus with house sprayer ,its got a mat finish,too it .
    Due to all the bodywork .if i did a glass glossy type finish it would look like a wavy welded mess,
    About a 50£ job . ,!
    Just took a nice ride in the bavrian country side today . ,:)
  4. if you're still in Germany, i bet you could get aerosol touch up mixed exactly to shade from an autopaint shop...the german for which is....autopaint shop!
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  5. I missed this thread. Wahey - can I play, can I play?
    I've done the awful thing and put the spare wheel on the front since this was taken, but the greeeeeeeeenyness is plain to see!

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  6. Was thinking about one of those load yourself aerosols . But they dont sell them in germany it seems l..

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