The LateBay Green Club!

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  1. 1.Clive Neilands

  2. This is definitely true
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  3. you can click on the picture and it takes you to the album, loads of piccys there.
  4. Please add my good self to the list.
  5. My "L" reg was elm green. I must check out my photo albums
  6. Cheers :D
  7. Just a reminder for everyone that the TLB Green Bay club mugs are still for sale if anybody's interested get in touch with @Silver. I know he's only got a blue one but hey we have to help out the minority ;)
  8. Now in MANGO :chewie:GREEN!
    [​IMG] :D
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  9. 2. Gman 4175
    3. Andy Roberts aka physiopro
    4. Paulcolburnjackson
  10. Hiya, Here's an update on my Resto if anyone's interested, still a work in progress, got the wiring being fitted this week, but paint is now complete. Had the Pop top done as well, but that is only temporarilt attached as I need to flock the interior. I dont want to show pics of the inside yet as it makes me sad seeing it in bits! Yes I am having a badge on the front, but it is still being colour coded. The colour is a ligt shade of Mango Green under Seagull Grey, Bumpers and grill coded too. Pop top is correct colour with some matting agent (but sill needs some stickers!). Interior is going to be Green and grey Vinyl.
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  11. Looking great so far mate!! You've resprayed the top half too! Keep up the good work :)
  12. Cheers Lardy, just want to use it now! The pop top was sprayed in and out, I am flocking the inside to match, probably green too.
  13. Looks fantastic well done! :)
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  14. I'm in....or at least I will be.....
    2014-01-05 23.18.24.jpg when the fecker's finished
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  15. Backside view:
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  16. That is very nice!
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  17. Fab bus! Love the colour combo too :)
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  18. The wife found this pic of are bus on sh$$face
    One for the green club
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