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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lardy, Feb 24, 2013.

  1. That's a nice bit of Sage green-ness, @vanorak :). Colour always looks better out of the light, I think.

    And you've got the same bilious-vomit coloured roof canvas as me!
  2. Still haven't heard anything back about the stickers but I haven't forgotten. Hopefully be able to get some more soon :)
  3. My paintwork looks good in total darkness!

    I managed to get some basket weave vinyl for the cab seats in that bilious -vomit green....(the lighter shade on the canvas)....... and they look rather splendid:cool:
    I also did the worktops and table in a colour that was pretty close to the darker shade.....

    It matches, without saying "look everybody...everything matches"....if you know what I'm saying....

    NB/ If you do know what I'm saying, please explain it to me, because I haven't got a clue....I'm just trying to sound like Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen.
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  4. I feel the need for Green! - Lardy how do I get kitted out please :hattip:

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  5. Will be on it again this week after I pm'd Marc @dogsndubs about the stickers
    Hope to hear back from him soon :thumbsup:
  6. Nice one, just let me know who/where/why/what & obviously how much.
    No pressure but this will be Lola's virgin sticker
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  7. Harvee joining the club:


    Originally Brilliant jaffa under Mexico magnolia, the first owner had him resprayed at some point around 1989/90 to the green he is currently. There was a touch-up stick of VW Dragon Green in the glovebox when I bought him, but that wouldn't match as that colour post-dates 1990 - could be Nile Green (LY6Y - an Audi & Porsche colour)
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  8. Looks like my green :)
    VW L60Z Smaragdgrun
  9. Does this view match your Emerald Green?

  10. Very similar?
  11. @rallybug, do you have any full pics of your bus? I was thinking of going upto the roof line with my green, thought it might be abit much but yours looks cool!
  12. [​IMG]



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  13. Wicked fella! :)
  14. Felt a bit sore about being green initially since my intro post, but now I know that greens are definitely the coolest....thinking of painting the pop top green just to make the point!
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  15. Greens are indeed the best. You've got the right colour :thumbsup:
  16. I've chosen a different shade of green, will post when it's done :)
  17. :cool:Well can i join? when I start my crossdresser as it's going to be velvet green when done
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  18. Ofcourse :)
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  19. Yep Green is the colour to have :thumbsup::thumbsup: and to the "Eagle Eyed" it was a LHD
    now converted to RHD, that realy does upset the purists :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  20. Lovin it! Nice paint, colour obviously and well done on the conversion :)
    Still trying to find somewhere to get hold of stickers. Anybody has any ideas drop me a pm please? :thumbsup:

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