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Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Paul Weeding, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. so I got a little more done on the fish today.. was a wet one out, so building a wall at a customers with my dad was out of the question... shame ;)

    so I got the following done by 3pm, when I had to head off for the part time job.. busy life at the mo ;)

    So the windscreen came out without a hitch - thank goodness.. leccy screen, so i wanted it to come out easily and it did :D



    Next I started pulling out some dash electrics in prep of the dash coming out!!


    Earthing point for the original fan in the engine bay?
    If it is (I'll have a play) I've got a heating plan for it ;)

    Dash out

    M-code plate?
    If it is, it's riveted on upside down on the front panel heater ducting :eek:

    As you can see here... steering column and wiper motor out too ;)

    head lining out of the cab :D

    So, slowly but surely, it's getting there :)

    Must admit I was well chuffed as to how clean she was, under the windscreen rubber... minimal rustiness in the front panel!! And i think what is there is from the crappy repro screen seal.. definitely not a genuine item!!
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  2. Zed


    Looking good at the front Paul :thumbsup:

    Yes that earth on the heater switches is for the original aux fan.
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  6. Big job, I thought you said mini resto. :eek:
  7. Well in my usual style I've got a bit carried away with it :lol:

    but it's also needs a lot less doing to it compared to some vans!!

    A proper catch 22 situation... I could easily have ignored certain parts of it that need attention, and just sorted some of the external bits that needed doing, slapped an mot on it and driven it round for a bit... but there's the analytical side of me that assesses (i love the amount of "s" in that word) what condition something is in, and whether now is a cheaper/more sensible time to do the resto - you can guess which side of me won out!! That and I'm a shiny whore :lol:

    even though I've not driven her for 3 years now :eek: it was time to do her properly :D
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  8. it's gonne come out when done fantastic
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    the plate looks like the m plate to me, mine is the same place, p.m birdy the pic and he will be interested.
  11. Well, you know it will be worth it in the end ;)
  12. it is the M plate...

    some nice little options on there that I still have :D

  16. progressing well mate :D

    dipping & stripping sound expensive!! well worth it though :thumbsup:
  19. So after having too many other things to do, I've not touched her for a couple of weeks.... so I decided to do an hour in the garage tonight, no pics though...

    dash split into bits as the top needs respraying
    headlining is all out
    last window is out, almost broke it when it fell over too :eek:

    Just need to have a tidy out, and I can have another good go at getting some parts off!!
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