The Fish Mini Resto

Discussion in 'Restorations' started by Paul Weeding, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. It looks like it needs a fair bit of attention...

    BTW my paint supplier says paint clear over metallic after 8 minutes (2-pac). Are you using cellulose?
  2. :lol: no, I'm using 2-pac, but i'm also not using a heated booth... I've painted a few vehicles now without any issues using this method :)

    also the base coat and the 2k use the same thinners, so the base will still absorb the clear even up to a few months after application, as it's a single pack paint it'll stay unstable to the thinners for quite a long time, i doubt that it'll ever cure off to the point where you can't pull it off with some thinners on a rag

    one persons words are one thing, practical application is another ;)
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  3. Cant wait to see the pics of the fish after shes been for a dip
  5. Better to find them after a dip though dude than find them a few months after respray
  6. That is true.. and one of the reasons why I'm going down the dipping route
  7. Ill keep popping by dude as dipping a bus and doing a full proper nut and bolt resto is somthing i would love to do one day if i ever have the cash
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  11. Cool ;D mine was given upon import ;D
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  14. slowly getting there with the strip down...

    how she's looking at the mo :)



    most of the cage out

    rusty rusty


    cage hoop in the front



    That's it for now :)
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  15. Are you bagging and tagging everything as you strip her dude?
  16. I am... went out this afternoon and bought 3 big plastic boxes with lids so i've got some parts tubs :D

    Dunno exactly where I'm gonna store everything tho :lol:
  17. The roof bit looks uuurrrggghhhhh Paul. :( More work for you - this is going to be one I'll enjoy following over the years to come.:)
  18. The roof looks worse than it is... it's the main reason behind going for a full dip paint/rust strip... then it'll get an etch and an epoxy primer to seal it all off!!

    Gonna try and get it mostly done over the next 6 months :eek:

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