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  1. Il love my T25 syncro doka, and RHD sadly sold due to LEZ issues [​IMG]
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  2. I wish I'd known, if have bought it
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  3. Went last year, 40k genuine miles barn find , minimal rust over rear wheel
    Totally original ex balloon chaser, drove like a new motor
    Had it resprayed and new decals
    Load bed never had a scratch !!!
    Miss him but as it was diesel it had to go
  4. Glad it’s finally arrived. Looks to be in lovely condition.

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  5. Cheers. .Bodywork so far looks good!.. Scary buying at that distance!... Engine... few bits of tin missing and heating is SA standard.. weird small heat exchangers connected to nothing..


    I'll be pestering you for "how do you," soon

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  6. Happy to help if I can ;)

  7. That looks in really good condition, what's the interior like. Finally got my kick panels in, going to do the roof same. IMG_0980.JPG
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  8. Tidy.. just adding seat belts.. but kickboards are also on the cards[​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. That's super clean inside, looks new!!
  10. Think it's just been done.. smells all leathery in there and a few offcuts lying around... looks like they ran out of grey paint just above one of the doors inside though

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  11. Hope you have more luck than me trying to match it, mines a SA Import that was painted over there non standard colour!!!
  12. Think it's going to be a take the petrol filler cover to a paint shop job... Or try get a bit of L345 and hope

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  13. A spectrometer should give you a close match
    When I bought my SA panel van the Saffer owner said by law it had to be resprayed with a special I d paint so it could be traced, anyone heard of that before ?
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  14. Tried the spectrometer nowhere near, have been told they only used Neptune blue, pearl white, light grey and velvet green, so going to go Neptune blue.
    It's ted mine had to have data dot (think it's called) have got a certificate somewhere. It's called Veridot, just found certificate
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  15. Yep that’s the one, apparently common !!!!
  16. [​IMG]
    Pic of my old crew cab in Neptune Blue
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  17. Neptune blue and pastel white tintop in the fleet already...[​IMG]

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    Please remove. This is upsetting to those that don't have a pickup in their lives!
  19. Ooh didn’t know our t25’s were allowed
    Here is my Syncro

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