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  1. Hi , I did mine recently . Fixing holes are under the seat ! Ready to go and very easy to fit IMG_5535.JPG IMG_5530.JPG IMG_5539.JPG

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  2. So jealous of your floor.

    Mine is seriously aircooled (with rusty pin holes)

    Still learning my way round the thing so these pics and info are very useful.

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  3. usb gold member

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  4. Hi GONA, can I ask where did you get your fire wall panels they look new and your seat belts
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  5. Apologies @Jacosmotor for not replying sooner, been rather busy of late and not really been on here, firewall were already on when bought and seatbelts off ebay by securon easy to fit and not too pricey :thumbsup:
  6. Cheers mate will get on to ebay now
  7. My daughter who has been collecting parts for her doka Resto, got hers from this guy on eBay
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  8. Thanks for the link Bertie messaged him
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  9. After 3 and a half years without an air-cooled, I drove this back yesterday from Southampton back up to Pboro - that was a long old slog.
    Its a swedish import with plenty of surface rust breaking through.
    The bed is lined with wood which I'm not too fussed about immediately, but it will be on my list of things to remove and sort.

    I've got some gremlins to iron out. The rear seat base is wrong and doesnt fit the seat thats there.


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  10. Got the covers off the crewie yesterday as the sun was out.

    I’ve been working on the engine and the heating system and wanted to see how it was coming along.

    Still lots to do but a long way from the state it was in, in July when I got it.


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  11. My first go with Tapatalk[​IMG]

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  12. Compared to this when I picked it up in July[​IMG]

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  13. Hi @stirlingmoz , what are the box like additions on the rear wing's for ? I've not seen one like it before,and are you going to keep them ?..... COOL Crewie :thumbsup:
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  14. Sorry for slow reply. Missed your post.

    My crewie had a tough life in South Africa before beginning its retirement in the UK.

    Part of it's working history was the fitting of a diesel engine.

    The little cut out on the rear nearside wing housed an oil cooler.

    In the before pic you can see the large black air filter poking out of the load bed behind the rear window.

    I've spent a lot of time draining diesel from the fuel tank and removing the radiator (from the front bumper) and all the other bodges associated with its diesel engine.

    The rear engine mounts comprised large bits of angle iron welded to the rear bumper hangers.

    It's now back to how it was born with a (currently not running) air-cooled 1600 twin port.

    All the wiring is stock - all the controls are now stock - no diesel in the fuel system.

    At some point i will chop out that carbuncle on the side and weld in a patch piece.

    For now, I'm concentrating on working towards an MoT so I can it registered with DVLA.

    Still got my fingers crossed that i will be driving it to Volksworld.

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  15. That is a very nice crewcab indeed.

    May I ask where you got the roof height canvas frame from ?

    I'm going to need one of those for camping inside at some point.


  16. The car is a -77 but made as a 69 ish
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  17. Thought it was about time I put a few pics of my crewie onto this thread , although it has appeared on a few mech tech threads ! IMG_5861.JPG IMG_5948.JPG IMG_5938.JPG IMG_5873.JPG IMG_5651.JPG . Still requires lots of jobs finishing off and a few jobs still to do but hopefully will be being used next summer .

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