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  1. Finally fitted the drop gates I bought last summer.

    I have been doing evening welding courses at Brooklands Technical College and on the last evening I was let loose in their very well equipped workshop.

    I took the opportunity to do some drilling and welding on the gates / hinges that would have cost me a fortune to farm out.

    Here he is now..



    Starting to look the part now.

    Still plenty to do though.


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  2. Great work.
    I looked at Brooklands for a welding course. Were you a complete beginner?
    Was it worth it?
  3. I was a complete welding novice.

    The answer to your question is a bit subjective.

    The instructor I had (Phil) was really good.

    The equipment and resources were also really good.

    What I would say is the content of the beginners course is not very structured.

    I told Phil what I was trying to achieve and following a short demo was cut loose. I think they call it ‘experiential learning’.

    What is slightly hard to bare is that I was one of only two guys who actually paid for the course.

    The rest for one reason or another got it for nothing. Typically the students who got it for free gave up after about a month.

    Most evenings from then on there were only 3 of us so we benefited from some great tuition.

    I learned a lot and made a friend so for me it was definitely worth it.

    Just got a used MiG on the back of it.

    I’m no welding expert but now have the confidence to stick two bits of steel together.

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  4. thanks; a great, honest review!!
  5. Poptop2

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    Very tidy doka. Nice original blue too. Is it Neptune blue?

  6. It is Neptune blue.....its only tidy if you don't look too close o_O
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  7. Looking good.

    Love the colour.

    I also like the fact these old commercials wear their scars with pride.

    Mine looks great from about 30 feet away but is a bit beaten up when you’re up close.

    I plan to use it rather than polish it.

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  8. agreed, my front end up close looks like this (but with jaffa indicator lenses and new crystal clear headlights)


    the load bed is an interesting one. it is wood lined, as are the gates and the rear bulkhead. I dread what I'm going to find under there, especially the seam between the load bed and bulkhead. I'm happy the bed itself is fine (as can be seen from the engine bay and from petrol tank access.
  9. So far I’ve found :

    • several bullet casings (under the drivers seat)
    • a sword (under the back seat)
    • a South African coin (in the spare wheel well)
    • a ‘T’ shirt (on top the fuel tank)
    • a huge amount of congealed African mud (still digging this out)

    All part of its history (of which I know not much)

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  10. New rims :)
    pick1.jpg pick2.jpg
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  11. 0B3D97F6-063B-48EF-A2B8-189A995A5BD7.jpeg Here she my 72 South African single. Only had it a few days. Daily bus for my landscaping business
    50E30529-FA6F-45AA-ACC5-E6A423FC8399.jpeg 593B74AB-ED19-4817-85C4-D0E4C673696B.jpeg
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  13. Think I better put a pic of my single cab on here seeing its part of the pickup family. 20181121_131633.jpg
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  14. Well it's on a flat bed now at least... on it's way! ()[​IMG]

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  15. Amazing what these will carry, all 8' lengths had to strap them to the tailgate IMG_0924.JPG
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  16. ... almost made it...[​IMG]

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  17. Had 60 sheets of plasterboard on old Mabel, no probs[​IMG]
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