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  1. I did have a thread for Bobby on the old forum, but unfortunately it got lost. :(

    We've owned Bobby for 4 years now, and in that time we have:

    Completely redone the interior (and then had another go)
    Replaced the engine with a 1776
    Added a load of bling on the outside ;)
    Generally used him for shows and days out and weekends (after a couple of holidays trashed by the UK weather :( )

    However, if I show you this:


    then it might give you a clue as to what's coming next. ;) (look at the gauge on the right)

    So, what do you do when you can't bear to watch the last 15 minutes of England v Ukraine? You go out into the garden and do this:


    Have cleaned this up (it looked like the guy who I bought it from had stored it by burying it in the ground!!!) and primed it, ready for some silver enamel paint. Not as bling as Chrisradioman's, but I just wanted to tidy it up a bit. This isn't the gearbox from the van (it currently has a 3 rib attached to the 1776) but is also intended for the new engine when I get it later this year.
  2. OK I'll bite. What new engine BB?
  3. Poptop2

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    Hes building a diesel engine for it.
  6. Poptop2

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  7. Poptop2

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    i like the idea of a steam engine though - that would be cool :)
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  10. [​IMG]

    Shiny!! :)
  11. Great stuff you final got a thread back on here , when is it going in for the engine work then
  12. Ow and I was just looking on here on the off chance that you had started the thread as I'm just chatting with a mate of mine about a scooby lump but I won't be going down that route just yet
  16. Right, more parts collection:


    Jaguar rear bench seat cleaned up and ready to go in. Not doing anything before Camperjam though - first rule, never start tinkering with the van just before you're supposed to use it.

    If anyone reads this who has already done this conversion wants to let me see how they did it, I'd be most grateful.
  17. I think the front seat can be put easily with a few brackets speak to dale ( outlaw) I think he has done it
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    looking forward to seeing the engine conversion :)
  20. I think maybe it's time for an update.

    Well, the van is in the capable hands of Fellows now, so all I have to do is wait.


    This was taken when he first went in, you can still see the exhaust pipe from the old engine, which is currently sitting on the floor of my garage at home after the engine was removed.



    Snakes Wedding anyone? The old loom was completely %&*@ed. Well overdue replacement. Probably a good idea as my headlights packed up about a month or so before it went in.

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