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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. Change it all to thinwall then it'll look like less :)
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  2. :rolleyes:
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  3. No, having a sump mostly means it takes longer to actually warm up. 90 is a nice temperature. Slightly more cooling area more oil and metal mass in a deep sump..

    And the standard thermostatic oil valves either the sandwich plate or bypass valves open at 80C so the valve would be open by 90 degrees..
    Driving around in the winter my oil sits at 80C, matching the thermostat temperature..
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  4. Off to the dump with blown-down fence bits...

    a fence bits 6s.jpg
  5. Out with the big Eberspächer switch, as I'd forgotten how I'd wired it (three years ago :rolleyes:)

    a ebers switch 6s.jpg
  6. Thought you`d have a new fence up by now - to lob the old one over :thinking:

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  7. Daughter's Beetle has reverse light again [​IMG]

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  8. Sorting out the leaky vents and some rust patches on the roof - just waiting for Heather to come and steady the steps so I can get down [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  9. Lifted the cab carpet to allow to dry out, then took a look 3 inches of water in the spare wheel well, mopped that out, got all the doors and windows open to let some air in. The opening quarter lights in the doors are probably to blame for the water in the front. The back may be down to a poor carp rear quarter light and the water running to the rear down a channel.
  10. Oiled the door hinges :thumbsup:
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  11. Bummer

    I had a lake of water resting on the plywood ceiling boards - driving around let the water make its way downwards out 9f the holes where the roof vent was or the cab floor too.

    It's really disconcerting to see isn't it?

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  12. it is indeed a bummer better things to do but hey life with a 48 year old bus. I always though I should fit some fixed quarter lights in the front doors and this has probably helped make my mind up. As to the rear I replaced the quarter light in the rear window a couple of years ago, supposed to be best quality etc from one of the usual suspects this one trades out of glossop at the time I moaned as the fit was poor. I think it is probably this that is causing the water at the back, time to replace the window/quarter light for a fixed window.
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  13. Rummaged in the Big Cable Box of Goodness.

    a cable box 6s.jpg

    Found some thinwall (don't tell @Mark Darby ). Crimped A Thing up to test my errant central locking.

    a central locking test 6s.jpg
  14. Bag marked “Odd Stuff”!

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  15. Hello? HELLO? Do you need rescuing?
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  16. Bring Mmm PIE and a single malt.

    I should have stayed up there instead of suffering the Staff Training Day today :eek:
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  17. Don’t tell me you haven’t got a folder at work labelled “Stuff”...
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  18. Our garage is a pig tip at the moment! It’s my “misc” storage area.

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  19. Misc items? You should see ours, mate. You can barely move...
  20. Day

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    I am impressed with the organised cable box....and I thought mine was tidy...

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