The All New, New "What have you done to your Bay today" thread.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. It's called a "Fandango" in the trade.
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  2. Rolled around the dirt for an hour running the Litesteer cable back to the engine compartment. Maybe I should've jacked the van up after all.
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  3. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    Still camping.
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  4. Staying with a friend - noticed a small patch of fluid on the drive...

    Started investigating and immediately saw the wheel full of brake fluid....

    Wasn't like this 2 weeks ago when I had it on the ramp doing the steering box...

    Anyway - the rear brakes are absolutely fxcked.

    So ATE wheel cylinders and new shoes ordered from Alan Schofields.

    Unfortunately not arrived this morning so another day stuck and being "hosted" - small things eyy.

    I feel very lucky to of spotted the fluid.


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  5. Cleaned the Cradle of Filth that is my engine compartment. Bays must be the only vehicle that hoover up dirt/leaves/small dead rodents as they go along.

    Cleaned/oiled my air filters. Excuse the grime. Look at the trumpets on that. Pfwoor!

    a trumpets 6s.jpg
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  6. Rolled around under the van, tidying up Litesteer wiring, then hoovering the underside (as you do). Rot isn't quite as bad as I thought, which is good. Off-the-reel Gates fuel hoses still in fine fettle after 5 years :thumbsup:

    Started tackling the algae on the roof with Bar Keeper's Friend - recommended. More scrubbing tomorrow.

    a bar keepers friend 6s.jpg
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  7. matty

    matty Supporter

    Now get on and fix the engine you can’t put it off for ever
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  8. Laa...laa...laaaaa. Can't hear you!
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  9. matty

    matty Supporter

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  10. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Has Mr Snottski not fixed his engine yet :(
  11. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    All in good time, you have to be in the mood and that poptop does need cleaning. So does mine... and the rest of the bus, I haven't washed it for a couple of years, it's minging.
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  12. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Patience and all that. Slow & steady will get you there.

    Our pop top needs cleaning too, can’t do it yet, I sat in Major yesterday and listened to some music. He’ll have to wait until mid august before I can contemplate doing anything or going anywhere.
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  13. Betty the Bay

    Betty the Bay Supporter

    Looked at a slightly leaking pushrod tube at the head end, thought s#d it and booked a few days in Whitby.
    Ordered some washers as recommended in an earlier thread as the seals are visible when the tubes are installed…. repro tubes and non VW heads.
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  14. Emptied to give it a full cavity inspection (having dragged out a fistful of rust flakes by magnet from just one brace), before sanding & painting.


    It will stay empty so the rebuilt engine can be driven in before the crossmembers and other bits underneath are repaired.
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  15. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    A pressure washer and a wheely bin to stand on works quite well...
  16. Bar Keeper's is the stuff :thumbsup:
  17. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    It's a bit gritty, are you going to polish and wax it after? I think if you don't you'll need your scouring powder every time it gets dirty. :thinking:
    I will ask my son to clean mine. he needs something useful to do. :)
  18. No, it's quite fine and dissolves. I waxed my roof thoroughly after the last cleaning...and it still ended up algae-fied :(
  19. Zed

    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    I'll take a photo of mine, it might cheer you up!
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  20. Mr Snottsky has stuck his endoscope down the plug 'oles. No sign of piston-ey distress. Ditto valves.

    Say it quietly, but I suspect after 15 years sterling service my 123 may be playing up. It's misfire city back there :(

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