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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by top banana racing, Aug 27, 2015.

  1. That's poss. I'll order some new ones, and take a look at the other end. They are such a crappy design.

    Overall, given that I've given the engine zero attention at since Rob built it (very well), it's lasted a fair old while without any trouble. Victim of his own success!
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    Zed Gradually getting grumpier

    You need a lad to send under.
  3. Need a new back, I think.
  4. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    I think I will and at the least put the adjustable damping cores of my Gaz coilover shocks without springs on the back too. Never liked the new ones I bought from GSF.. as new were less effective than the originals..
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  5. Busy day down the shed ..


    Split boot has been bugging me for weeks so finally had a free Saturday to sort it out ...
    Its got to the point now I keep a spare driveshaft ready to bolt on and replace the knackered boot at leisure rather than rush around covered in cv grease . Gawd bless the manshed 2 post lift , plan B was to sort it laid on mi knackered back in a field near lutterworth - I took the easy option....

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  6. mikedjames

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    Poked some gun gum round the exhaust gasket sealing ring under the right hand clamp coming out of the heater box, as it was making noises. Then fiddled the clamp back on and tightened it.
    Quieter afterwards. It gets flexed by holding up the quiet pack that side.
  7. Yesterday I removed a headlight unit, one of the reflector bowls is rusty inside and the other has broken glass need to buy some new ones.
  8. Whipped his severely-fouled spark plugs out. It's Carbon City in there. No wonder it was spluttering. Time to re-tweak the Dells I think.

    Stuck my cheap endoscope down his barrels (not that you can see much). No signs of distress.
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  9. Betty the Bay

    Betty the Bay Supporter

    Took her for a run after the rebuild and ring bedding in session….,,. just 50 miles or so on non motorway roads just to see how she ran.
    Starts easily with no smoke, near side vents smell oily, despite nothing visible underneath….will take under tins off tomorrow and check push rod seals.
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  10. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    What was the compression like?
  11. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Yesterday, tweaked the camber nuts as it was trying to turn gently left if you let go of the wheel. Tweaking to make it still go left but more gently, as its safer in general to veer left than right.
    One day I will find a level bit of ground or at least horizontal left to right to set it all up by measurement.

    Also took the old front beam to the tip after taking off a couple of nearly new grease nipples I had had to fit after it had a merry time up the local air cooled specialist a while back.. It was beyond saving as one of the tubes was cracked allowing the suspension arm bearing to jump up and down if you took some air off a speed bump..

    Ordered a new AFR sensor for the old PLX AFR meter .. was going to knock up a box with an analog meter on it (connects to analog broadband wire on the controller) and a 12 volt cigar lighter plug and a tube to stick in exhaust pipes at Techenders.
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  12. iblaze

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    Took her for a run then a good wash.[​IMG]

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  13. Got all the windows out now.
    No nasty surprises…surprisingly! Everywhere else i’ve investigated has been a nightmare.
    That’s not to say there aren’t issues to fix. I was just already aware of them.



    I’ll be ordering new seals. According to research on here the Vewib ones are the best.
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  14. Wrestled the Blue Octopus out. If anyone's thinking of buying sexy Taylor plug leads because the kewl kidz have them: don't. The connectors come loose over time, the sealing bungs don't fit unless you trim the end bits off, and the plug caps are made of some kind of glutinous rubber that actually glues itself to the plugs, so you have to rip them off with mole grips. Best avoided.

    Off to the garage to dig out my old set of Berus...

    a plug leads 6s.jpg
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  15. Reminds me of @Moons joke about late night car park encounters and a plasterers radio
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  16. mikedjames

    mikedjames Supporter

    Surprisingly the Accuspark eBay generic blue silicone leads are better for £20 than the Taylor ones, the wire is identical but the ends seem better ..had to buy additional tinware seals as they arent standard/generic sparkplug items, and the Taylor ones had cracked.
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  17. Moons

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    Haha….it was Sarah Cox’s joke about dogging!!
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  18. On with the trusty Berus. Taylors have been binned. Overpriced toot.

    a berus 6s.jpg
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  19. My Taylor seals cracked and fell to pieces. No big deal, as they didn't fit anyway.
  20. My lonely Litesteer. Might get fitted in the next six months. Possibly.

    a litsteer 6s.jpg
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