Tekenders - learn to fix your van - 14th-16th September. POLL ADDED.

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  2. Sound like you all had a great time.
    to the nervous first timers, glad you learnt stuff pass it on
    Gutted I couldn't make this one see you in April
  3. I just want to say how great this weekend was meeting new people and catching up with the old ones :)

    I feel I'm progressing a fare bit on my second Tekenders, having managed a bulb with just 2 people :) Unsticking an accelerator cable with help from Sarah (Thanks again Sarah). And Zed cheers for convincing me that missing pipes etc in my engine bay isn't something to overly be concerned about. And Ben thanks for taking the time to explain the distributor cap and doing the timing without a strobe gun.

    It was also great fun convoying with Lisa and Moosey, especially when I found my speedometer showing me 0mph whilst driving along the A5 :eek:

    I'm look forward to the next one already!
  6. Awesome weekend. Would recommend it to anyone who hasn't been before.
    Big thank you to zed for coming over with his wiring diagram, and giving me a nudge in the right direction. Just as I was about to give up. :)
  9. Any golf courses close to Eddies farm ? Looking forward to the weekend away but I have the golf bug again so 9 holes on the Saturday would be good - golf anyone ?
  11. are these the same times every year? because im definately in either way, just a heads up on the dates would be sweet!!
  12. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    we have one in april and one in september, god knows why last septembers got dragged up..... it's in the events you missed section as well! anyway it's april 13 i think (weekend of the chinese grand prix) :lol: it would be good if the mods could lock a few of the old tekenders threads so we just have one to monitor.
  13. okay thanks man, hopefully il find that thread, sorry for draggin up the old one!

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