Tekenders - learn to fix your van - 14th-16th September. POLL ADDED.

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  1. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    me and zed are playing last man standing :lol:
  2. Hello everyone, got back at 3.30 after a nice 4 hour cruise back to GodsOwnCountry ;)
    As a Techenders first timer it was a pleasure to meet everyone, thanks for all the advice and tips from everyone, special mention to Ben and Steve for their knowledge and hello to John and Zoe, hope I helped with the tappets :)
    Loved sitting by the campfire each evening although I'm off Gin for the forseeable future...

    Hi to Alex to who passed me on the M1 :) I've got some pics that'll I'll load up in a bit too.

    Looking forward to the next one already!

    ps I've got Gareth's campchair drop me a PM and we can arrange for you to get it back!

    Cheers lads n lasses
  3. great to meet so many fabulous people and thanks for a superb weekend, those who organised it, those who knew more than me (everyone) and those who were welcoming, funny and downright smashing.

    can we do it again next weekend?
  4. rickyrooo1

    rickyrooo1 Hanging round like a bad smell

    i'm home and unloaded time for a bath, cheers everyone fab weekend, see you in april
  5. Awesome weekend, what a great atmosphere and it was so nice to meet everyone.
    I am no longer an engine out virgin, many thanks to Ben who guided me through the process and everyone else who helped me get my engine out and safely back in again. I made it to N Yorks fine, but I had to stop on the M69 to adjust my accelerator cable after it went slack after the guide settled into its position. I did think it had shrunk a bit after I put the engine back in, now I know why.
    Zed was very helpful and there were quite a few people after his invaluable advice he remained cool and calm throughout also supplying the sound system for the evenings and he has a god taste in music despite what people said.
    Top marks to Ricky who brought a trailer load of logs which should have lasted both nights but only lasted one for various reasons ;) Yes I did go to bed before him on Friday, so I must be a super lightweight, though I say I was being sensible because I knew I had a busy day ahead on saturday, so did he.
    The weather was great as was the owner of the site Eddie who offered me the use of his barn and jack to do my engine, though I elected to do it in the field so I could stay with everyone.
    I'd also like to apologise on behalf of my dog Riley who stole food and then whined for most of the time after that because I wouldn't let him off his lead. I hope he wasn't too annoying
    Anyone reading this who has not been to Tekenders before I highly recommend it. A great mix of learning stuff about your van and a really good social event too which you will be made to feel really welcome. Thanks again to everyone
  6. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    greetings all ;D

    I had a lovely time thank you and although a little nervous en route was made very welcome and it was lovely to meet folk who i only knew through reading their posts and some I didnt know at all. ;D

    My clothes are in the wash tho my hair still has a lasting odour of wood smoke! Scote you did very well coping with the smoke and me rambling on at you! ;D

    Although I was a T4'er and parked near the edge of the field I didnt feel an outcast!! I must have guessed that Statts was another secret T4 fan! I think I learnt quite a bit too and wished i had towed my T25 and took bits off in the hope that all the knowledgable and helpful folk would help put them back on.....in the right order!

    Zed - i forgot to re ask you about the reggae you were playing - did you say it was off a radio show?

    Once again thanks to all for being so friendly and inclusive and i can now put faces to the names ;D
  7. Off a radio show Alex? There was a jamaican independence special on, er R2 or R6 with David Rodigan a week or so ago, he played some ace stuff...I was goona ask Zed if he'd heard it..... :thinking:
  8. Thanks everyone for a great weekend especially Rick for feeding me, Zoe for buying me beer, Zed for helping, Moons for wiggling & Ermintrude for the amusement :)

    I asked Zed about the music last night and it was from an Internet radio show downloads, I think he was call DJ Devious but I'm not 100% was I was a little tipsy by then O0

    See you at the next one
  9. Hello,

    Don't remember registering on here, but thankfully my computer does :) (I'm a JK person from years ago)

    I had a great time at my first Techenders despite having to leave my van at home and bring a tent.

    Was great to meet some of you. I'm rubbish with names though.

    See you next time

  10. Tuesday wildchild

    Tuesday wildchild I'm a circle!

  12. thanks all for looking after Rob and Alex - they seem to have another lovely weekend together.
    bek x

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