Techenders 26th - 28th April 2019

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  1. The bus is new to me, and I want to get a second opinion on the condition of the gas set up, Westy underslung refillable tank, 3-way fridge, hob and Propex heater.

    I have access to leak spray and matches, so I'm fine on those counts.
  2. @busmonkey or @pkrboo would be able to do that I reckon
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  3. @theBusmonkey and I can advise but it should really be checked by a gas safe registered person who is qualified in mobile LPG
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    I’d take it to somewhere that deals with motor homes , they’ll give it a once over and possibly certify it for a few quid, where do you live ? If you’re anywhere near Lincoln I suggest somewhere that you could take it to
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  5. I appreciate that, thanks, that would be the next step.
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  6. Sorry, I'm a long way from Lincoln, but I'll take the recommendation, if that's OK?

    I might be able to swing past on the way South, if it's not too far from a major road.
  7. @paulcalf and @pkrboo are both right. We can have a look but the only way to properly test it is to do an LPG gas tightness test with a manometer. We live off lpg, propane more specifically, on our boat and the regs are pretty strict and rightly so.
    People die regularly from the abuse or misuse of stuff that burns stuff, and gas is a big potential part of that.
    A three way fridge requires servicing regularly. It's not hard, but often involves breaking the gas connection to get to the works at the rear.
    Obviously a leak test should be done when it's reconnected.
    Hoses rot from the inside out and should be date stamped and replaced every 5 years or so.
    Travelling last year I was religious about soap testing the 907 camping gas bottles we use in the syncro. (The bay has an internal refillable lpg bottle inside a gas locker and a test point off the regulator)

    However we bought a 907 locally last Autumn and I assumed that because it wasn't dodgy Morocco we'd be ok. A couple of days later we could smell gas in the van. The bottle was leaking from around the seal, not out of the valve. Scary stuff.
    See you at Techenders @F_Pantos ?
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  8. Every child loves a different baby sitter, well done @davidoft
  9. :eek:
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  10. I usually need a babysitter on a Saturday morning, or is that a nursemaid

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  11. I know, such generous behaviour isn't seen much nowadays, I might even bring mine now !!
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    Well if you’re looking after all the other children you may as well :D
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    I’m gas safe but not for lpg. I’m happy to have a shufti but I’m not lpg leisure qualified @F_Pantos

    My manometer is only capable for natural gas.
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    Is LPG un-natural, that’s against baby Jesus , surely :eek:
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  16. @daisy can someone tag him if I’ve done it wrong

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  17. @1973daisey Mrs Robo needs ya
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  18. Put me down not sure what I’ll b doing as got s workshop now

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  19. @1973daisey

    back in the game...:chewie:
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  20. Yes mate was never out just laying low engines coming out this weekend for top end and it’s pourly

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