Techenders 26th - 28th April 2019

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  1. Ill have you know I'm the only porn star that has The end titles and the beginning of my 1 min videos
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  2. New
    1.Lasty - swanning around and avoiding all offers of a `Pig in muck` banquet
    2. Collyp- sleeping and then.... nah. Just sleeping
    3. MorkC68 - not sleeping, just socialising
    4. scrooge95 - there’s always something to do, normally after too much Doombar and Gin on Friday night Bring it on!
    5. Marzydj- fitting a new distributor but I’m sure they’ll be other things, after my “just wanted to check the spark plugs and fan belt” episode!
    6.@dazza doing nowt much but may be in the pig in muck for a buffet dinner on my own :)
    7. Iain - hopefully not breakinganything this time.
    8. Valveandy doing something off the huge list I've been writing

    9. Merlin Cat - trying not to double book! Getting sun roof sorted for@davidoft etc to proper sort
    Sorting out door barrrel
    Rendezvousing with my fellow Landmark
    Drinking Doombar
    10. Hopefully watching @@mikedjames check my noisy cupboard and make it better. plying@@davidoft with enough alcohol so he doesn't remember fixing my wheel arch :p dj-ing with @@scrooge95 probably drinking, possibly sleeping and willing to help others, even if just supplying cuppas :)
    11. Louey - keeping folks warm (with new heater) and entertained in the Party Bus. Providing cheese and refereeing the inevitable fight for the Brie.
    12. Bernjb56 doing nothing but with a certain style
    14. Lord Congi chilling
    15. Fruitcake - really should fit my new (to me) carbs but will probably just sleep, drink, eat, chill and annoy others!
  3. tell him to jog there - part of his training! :p
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  4. Oi you!

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  5. :D :D
  6. 16 paul2590 contemplating

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  7. Hahahaha. Busted!!! :)
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  8. I think @Robo is more concerneded being seen driving the hairdressers car more than the jog :D
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  9. Heated seats in the hairdressers car I have no problem being seen as long as my bum is toasty warm

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  10. Your wanting him there in the uniform arn't you .....:p
  11. :eek:
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  12. If I'm seen in a hairdressers then call Mrs Robo cos I'm obviously lost :D
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  13. davidoft

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  14. And grazing
  15. davidoft

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  16. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    ironically as the person who booked it: I can't go!
    Have fun y'all!
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  17. Can't handle the Fruit Shoots!:rolleyes:
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  18. :(
  19. pillock!
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  20. Looks like I’ll be going in a tent. Got to go oop norf again Saturday evening!!

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