Techenders 21-23 September 2018

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  1. absolutely fabulous weekend with superb people as always.

    it may have been small but was perfectly formed for lots of catching up and great chats. there was even some spannering and drinking involved too...
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  2. :eek::eek::D
  3. You know, talking to Hazel when I got home she reminded me I was annoyed about something which had fallen off when I brought the van home. It was only a little thing (obviously not realising all the other missing bits) but i think symptomatic to the way they finished it off. I did ring them but wish I had followed it up more now!

    Anyway thanks again, the shopping list is getting longer!

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  4. @Marzydj, nice to meet you, and thank you for 'kerbing' @Dazza 's profanity :lol:

    A great weekend, even with the lower turnout - one adavantage is that I have less names to remember and usually get to speak to most folk. The Pig was full of Muck, but luckily it didn't ruin the friday night.
    Thanks to @Valveandy for the lesson in soldering - no indicator disco anymore :)
  5. Great to meet you too, glad I was of some use!

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  6. Dazza

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    I wasn’t that bad was I - certainly after you confessed your profession Dave - surely ?? Apologies if I was a little ‘naughty’
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  7. Not at all buddy, great fun to meet you!

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  8. Baysearcher

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    @Dazza it seems I’ve still got your can holder thing. It’ll still be in the van in April when I’ll give it back!
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    Phew... :thumbsup:
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  10. Dazza

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    No probs Doug , keep it if you can make use - I’ve a few of them :thumbsup:
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  11. The first thing I did on Saturday was discovered that my sliding door rear hinge U shaped part has snapped so that the big spring that pops the door open doesnt any more. It was because the bushing that actually holds the back of the door up had worn down allowing the bolt to bend and then fatigue fracture.
    So the fix is a bit of string until I manage to ask davidoft for another one. It was too late to call him to bring a box of spares.

    That full flow oil pump fitting was frustrating - the bolts that were with the pump from CB were too long and bottomed out in the new case. But they nearly made it all the way down, which is why it leaked the first time I started it up. A couple of washers and they tightened up properly. On one of the 'long' bolts I had to swap it for a spare CV joint bolt with 5mm chopped off the end.

    And the new cam is a flat cam with recessed bolts, as opposed to the recessed cam used on old engines. So I had to use the gears out of the new 26mm pump that came with the engine, along with the body of the old oil pump, and I still had to knock the drive shaft in 2mm using a hammer and the flat 'anvil' bit on a tiny vice I have in the van, until the end was flush with the top of the gear. Precision measured with a screwdriver and a fingernail..

    The engine is run in now, it passed the magic 500 miles this morning beside the Park and Ride going into Bristol on the A4. Not the best place to exceed 55mph.
    So the first chance I got to boot it was going up St Michaels hill beside the University where I did 25 mph in a 20mph limit. And then took the M4 home to celebrate. It seems to be noticeably more powerful than the previous home made and dilapidated 1641. Its fair to guess that at a constant 65 on the M4, it would have been close to 120 degrees C without the oil cooler. Instead it hit 105 degrees C going up the hill just past Swindon. On the first big hill by the Bath turning it was still doing over 60 at the top...
  12. Well after the rain on the way back from Techenders, and the continuing leakage into the cargo area despite the new sliding door seal, I am happy to announce I found the answer. Happy days!
    The new seal makes the sliding door fit lovely and much better than before, so the effort wasn’t at all wasted, but the leakage turned out to be a small screw hole where some old bulkhead trim was attached, that went through into the wheel arch. I guess it was probably gummed up with old underseal, and when the work was done back in March and the old stuff scraped off, new stuff sprayed on, the hole opened up. I love a good solution to a problem
  13. glad you found the little Illegitimate child
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  14. Baysearcher

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    I’m sure I can make use.
    Cheers fella!
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  15. Yeah sorry, as it turned out got no calls but had a lovely meal Saturday for my Mothers Birthday, see you all in April I promise :thumbsup:
  16. Damn - Missed this - for some reason I had in my head it was October. We'll be up for April 2019 again.
    'Beau' made it round France in August, 2500 miles and only a few niggles, (clutch cable), and I took a break from fiddling with him in September. Now the tools are back out and I'm back on the forums searching for inspiration and reassurance and realise I missed Techenders.
    Oh Well, next year!
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  17. put 26th-28th April in your diary now then!
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  18. @Dazza your speaker is still safe and warm at our house :)
  19. bernjb56

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    Didn’t it sell on eBay?
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  20. No, I put a buy it now on too..must be some of the dodgy tunes that are stored on it :eek:
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