Techenders 21-23 September 2018

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  1. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    That’s cheered me up. Was looking forward to the pub thing
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  2. We tried to suffer for your entertainment.

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  3. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    I suffered enough listening to Dazza’s spice girls mix while trying to hold down Ermy’s taup yesterday afternoon
  4. Hey I hope you all have a great time
    And don't get drawn into doing a Grumpy
    Stay safe drink much and have fun:)
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  5. Have a great time everyone :cool:
  6. Was great meeting you and thank you for the brownies.

    Don’t be put off by all those weird drunken ones, as you’ve probably noticed, I’m the only sensible one!

    See you in April :)
  7. Blimee are they still doing it , :eek::eek:
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  8. How much can one man eat in a weekend :eek:
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  9. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    Just spat my Horlicks everywhere :eek::eek::eek:
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  10. @Baysearcher on the heavy stuff tonight. Rocking out with a fruit shoot!
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  11. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Rock on Doug!
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  12. He couldn't handle the J2Os.

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  13. @Barneyrubble
    Laid-up :cool:
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  14. More like Indiana Jone and the lost J20
  15. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Is he in recovery from last night? Maybe he could just drink halves? On that note, what are you drinking tonight @Ermintrude ? :)

    Is @davidoft still up? Has he got a door lock/barrel for me? :)
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  16. Someone give him an inflatable crocodile
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  17. A few from the bar tonight...

    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  18. Terrordales

    Terrordales Nightshift Admin

    A previously unknown definition of the word sensible.
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  19. In @Ermintrude's world "Mad Cat Lady" = sensible!:rolleyes:
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  20. Poptop2

    Poptop2 Moderator

    Baysearcher should be called high tower!

    Eddie’s barn the blue oyster club!
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