Techenders 21-23 September 2018

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  1. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    Thought yours wasn’t going to be ready??
    Did you have an interior or sleep on the floor?? :)
  2. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Moderator and piggy bank keeper

    Home again after a lovely weekend as always; great to catch up with everyone, and big thanks to all those who helped with the sliding door seal and the new throttle linkage. The van drove really nicely on the way home, with a lovely smooth and not at all wobbly accelerator pedal. Sadly the 15 minutes of torrential rain that I drove through when almost home has shown there still to be a leak into the cargo area that the new seal hasn’t fixed, but that’s for another day now - the new seal is fab anyway and the door fits better with it so it wasn’t wasted. I’ll be pro active with the hose pipe tomorrow and see what’s what.

    Thanks again all for an ace weekend, see you in April
  3. Faust

    Faust Supporter

    Glad you all had a good time ...i was stuck at a wedding this weekend only about 24 miles away .
  4. Totally last minute adventure

    Interior bloke wasn`t ready for mi van so decided to go anyway , despite the van not having turned a wheel since i started ripping it apart last November ....o_O

    I had the noo bed bolted in so that`ll do , only a couple of nights so not a problem but for the lack of curtains :D

    Driving up i had a knocking on what i thought was the front right but after driving it around the field with a few people chasing and listening for the knock ( in a Benny Hill stylee ) turned out to be from the rear - knocking CV joint so not a problem , it`d get me home ..

    Good weekend , sorry not to see you there .

  5. CollyP

    CollyP Moderator

    Great to hear!! Good work.
    Hopefully see you soon :)
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  6. crossy2112

    crossy2112 Supporter

    and somebody was supposed to bring curtain track :rolleyes:

    Will be there April if it can wait :thumbsup:
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  7. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    The rain didn't stop play..had a great sat afternoon / sat night, nice meeting Iain & catching up with everyone after missing the last two TE's.

    Didn't manage to take many pictures, but here are the ones I did:
    DSC_1327.JPG DSC_1328.JPG DSC_1329.JPG DSC_1330.JPG

    Roll on April 2019! :D
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  8. Razzyh

    Razzyh Supporter

    I think it has something to do with your door. Maybe it needs pulling in a bit more
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  9. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Moderator and piggy bank keeper

    Yep I think you’re most likely right unless there’s some small hole in the wheel arch all the way through to low down on the bulk head ( don’t even know if that is possible although it looks like it should be) Hopefully the hose pipe tomorrow will reveal all
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  10. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    In a Delorean or tardiss?
  11. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    Tardiss, a DeLorean is far too posh for us Kirkby folk :D
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  12. Suss

    Suss Supporter

    I see @Flakey was ready with his bondage gear or was they just in-case the wind got too blustery sleeping in the back?o_O
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  13. Sorry - should have contacted you about that but if you`re coming in April that`ll be grand :thumbsup:

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  14. philntfc

    philntfc Supporter

    I thought you were off to Wales?:thinking:
  15. crossy2112

    crossy2112 Supporter

    Work and young Ms Cs new house taking all my time at the minute - not be forever, I hope :rolleyes:
  16. scrooge95

    scrooge95 Moderator and piggy bank keeper

    Um yes I was..... but I kind of decided against it.... and got going a bit late so I probably would’ve missed the low tide to get across to Shell Island.... probably makes sense to go when I’ve got more time rather than rushing. Sitting here at home eating the food that I’d packed for Wales does feel a bit sad though
  17. philntfc

    philntfc Supporter

    Aah ok, you would probably be right to give yourself more time to explore Wales. Good to meet up again, see you in April:thumbsup:
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  18. paulcalf

    paulcalf Supporter

    Good to see everyone.

    If you didn't come because of predicted bad weather, then you are a knobber.

    We live in Britain. It was a bit windy on Friday, it rained a little bit, but the sun also made an appearance.

    We even had a bit of Frisbee action on Sunday.

    Roll on the next techenders
  19. Flakey

    Flakey Supporter

    It was as good as ever, cheers to all that came and made it a great weekend, those that didn’t make it
    Must try harder
  20. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    @Ermintrude enjoyed the whirly bomb thingamy thrown around on Saturday afty :D

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