Techenders 2017 ????

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Sproggy4830, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Come-on girl no arguing please
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  2. Flakey

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    Far from it :chewie:
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  3. @Geordie you'll have to get the landy up, @Flakey 's a lost cause, he's been in a comfortable bed with heating and been able to stand up as well, theres' no hope :(
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  4. It was a Mr T5 reference.
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  5. @Lord Congi I've always wanted to sleep in a Topass is it gonna come true
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  6. Yeah sure if you drive the landy up pal, honestly :thumbsup:
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  7. That stupid seats going out :cool:
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  8. You where doing great until you said Honestly :mad:
  9. Yayy house move #1 has been changed to 6th October, I can get to Techenders :D
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  10. Hi

    Is there anyone going to techenders from Kent? I'd be grateful if a member could collect some moonraker interior bits from Lord Congi and drop on your way home to me in bexley?

    Cheers Julian
  11. Should be there Friday midday ish. Not sure what I will be doing. Probably solar cells installing or continuing wiring or something.
    Will bring along tools etc including fuel pressure gauge (s) .. one FI and one carburettor.
  12. Dazza

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    Is anyone in contact with Eddie? Could do with knowing if he has anything like sheet ply or similar to put under the fire pit to save scorching the grass like someone did last time :rolleyes:
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  13. Get a room you 2
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  14. Didn't we find a sheet of metal in April along the hedge row & then hid it again when we left? If he's managed to keep the pikeys out it should still be there

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  15. Dazza

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    We did find one...hope its still there because I think a fire is an absolute must , I guess whoever did it last time;) needs to make sure they don't over do the firewood..this time
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  16. That' a voice of jealousy if ever I've heard it!!;)
  17. I fixed my brakes tonight!!!
    Wheels didn't fall off on the way home!!!!!
    So that's nice!
    I must be getting better!!???
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  18. :eek:
  19. Merlin Cat

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    Maybe @Kkkaty ?
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  20. Hello. I'm right down near Folkestone so sadly not too near Bexley. I'd skirt London and head down the M20. But I can get them most of the way IF I go. Pm me and we'll see what we cd do.

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