Techenders 2017 ????

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  1. Despite searching for half hour I cannot find a link to the techenders meeting later this year .
    Is it still on ?
    If so can you please let me know details or add a link to this thanks
    Looks good from what I see and I'm looking forward to it assuming I can make it

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  3. @baysercher

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  4. Friday 29th September to Sunday 1st October 2017

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  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    This ^^^

    I'll bung a thread up in the next couple of weeks.
  6. Thank you all .
    I thought there was a thread already . That must have been for the last one ...sorry but explains why I can't find it
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  7. Where is that magic link you marked up .is it a part of this forum or Facebook .it looks like half of each but very good either way
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  8. Its techenders own website I'm not sure who is in charge

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  9. Wanna start a list ??

    @Lasty - loafing , as per usual ...

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  10. No one is in charge of techenders.

    It belongs to the people.

    I registered the web address and put the content on from stuff other people had already written.

    I did it after the fallout/people being banned/leaving, to try and unite all.

    I put the end of September 2017 date on after the last techenders.

    @PeaSoup has kindly offered to host the site and amend it. I've got a few ideas but haven't done anything with them. If anyone has suggestions or wants to see anything particular on the site then let me know at the next techenders...
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  11. Anyone from near Cornwall, just outside of Perranporth coming ?
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  12. As I have a sunroof cut I need ?
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  13. Nice, a big thank you for doing that and the good sentiment behind it

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  14. We're down in Cornwall this weekend?!

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  15. ooh please ?? @Moo ?
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  16. We're just travelling all over from Wednesday evening through to Sunday... I'm sure we could transport something if not too large to jeopardise my retail therapy

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  17. Hmm it's not too large?
    But largish?
  18. Sort of sunroof size ?? :)
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