Techenders 2017 ????

Discussion in 'Shows Events' started by Sproggy4830, Aug 21, 2017.

  1. Flakey

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  2. Are you coming???

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  3. I'm considering Robo a pass out Thursday night

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  4. oooo ill have to think of something else i can sell whilst drunk!!
  5. Depending on some ongoing life stuff at home
    I'm hoping to come
    What are those emojis you used?
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  6. A hopeful smile for a para hug

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  7. There's always plenty to go around
    Especially after someone gives me a rum and coke that contains half a pint of rum
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  8. U love it

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  9. Ha ha I still made it up to the bar but I couldn't speak properly lol
    Your a naughty women
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  10. So I'm told...

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  11. Coming from Halifax on the Friday. Set off around oneish if that fits in with anyone?
    I'm on the thread list myself Flakey but its all a bit complicated now!
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  12. I came a couple of years ago, I turned up with just a wiring loom, no bus. But if I can knock up a bit of an interior I can bring the wiring loom with a bus on it.... like you @MorkC68 I can't make it until Saturday.
  13. it'll be good to see you if you can make it :D
  14. Have faith brother and say a pray to the gods of VW, :worship:
    and the fuel Gauge don't work....... and no snail fan, or interior lights, or roof lining, that reminds me, I need to find break down cover any suggestions????
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  15. Dazza

    Dazza Eyebrow not high brow

    I don't really want to say it outright ..but has anyone seen what john ketley, wincy Willis , Michael fish and their colleagues are saying about the weekend around Lutterworth??? :(
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  16. Dazza

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  17. It’s going to be just fine it always is!

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  18. Merlin Cat

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    I just looked at that too! Only cos I thought the Sheffield weather forecast was no rain for the next few days and it's chucking it down at the mo :(

    Not looking good for my sunroof in and out! Maybe there a nearby covered car park we could take over for the day? :thumbsup:
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  19. 2 x large golf umbrellas - sorted!
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