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  1. I'm panicked now & have removed the m plate details I'd just attached. It's someone else's bus details at the end of the day.
    @77Maisy I can post the screen shot if you want? Only fair to ask first? I must stop drinking ale!!
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  2. sorry information. lol
  3. That would be great thanks
  4. Right, calmed down a bit now.
    Here you go...
    Apologies again...
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  5. I filled in a online form for my baywindows birth cert from VW and money gone out of my account in Dec13 and am still waiting to hear back! Does it take this long normally cheers Rich.
  6. Got it back a few days ago after 2 emails. It says my Bay was made in 72 but registered in 74, I have been in touch with the DVLA and have to fill out some forms and send back, does anyone know that cos my Bay was made in 72 that will be enough to get historic tax (free)?
  7. I need to chase mine up been 2 months now. Although it does say takes up to 6 weeks
  8. kenregency

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    my van is a 1973 and how do i get my tax disc for aprill .
    do i just apply ?
  9. is it sorn ken ?
  10. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    yes only just did not want to put one moth on it till aprill 4th
  11. not sure what you need to do but i saw a thread somewhere where a classic car club has challenged dvla n its on their , i think it was on here somewhere ? i taxed mine for whole year nas i thought their might be a cock up , n ill claim it all back ???
  12. Got one when i bought me van 7 years ago...
  13. kenregency

    kenregency Guest

    i will call them monday ready for aprill 4th
  14. Glad I sorted out my 412 back in November, I knew there would be a shed load of people giving the DVLA grief over this as it neared April.
  15. If your waiting for a birth certificate, there is a 14 week delay at Wolfsburg due to the high volume of application. :(
  16. Just taxed mine for the first time was such a good feeling paying nothing #72ftw
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  17. Do imported vehicles qualify for road tax exemption after 40 years, is it the date they were built or when they were first registered in the UK?

    Looked online but couldn’t find anything mentioning imports.

    Was wondering as mine is a 1978 Kombi built in South Africa.
  18. I'm in the process of registering my 1978 van with the DVLA. My VW birth certificate says May 1978 but the South African registration doc says first registered 1st Jan 1978, given that the vehicle has to have been registered in January of that year to qualify for the tax exemption does anyone know if the South Africa registration doc will be enough and therefore potentially save me a years tax?
  19. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Can't see why not. You should be tax exempt from April 2018 I'd think.
  20. davidoft

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    Use the south African document, if your logbook says Jan 1st the DVLA will put that on your uk Logbook and the system will use the information to determine when it's tax exempt

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