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    The following vehicles were made before the end of Dec 1972, and qualify for historic vehicle class with free road tax (at the moment!) :-

    Buses up to 2*32102496 (where * is a single digit representing the model type).


    order your birth certificate here

    or from the uk (cheers moonman for details)


    UK LTD tel.
    YEOMANS DRIVE 01908 601601
    MK14 5AN
  2. Just FYI, You can get the same data that's on the birth certificate on a data sheet, it's not as pretty but only costs 10 euros vs 35 euros for the birth cert
  3. they've put the price up massively. I've just successfully imported and registered using an M-Code print out
  4. :( I paid about £40. a few years ago and all i got was a letter from Vw Uk saying :
    To whom it may concern the Reg ******** Chassis ********* was built in dec 1972 !!!!
    I suppose thats all i need to get Free Tax ? but a Certificate would have been nice ;D
  5. what's an m-code and where do i find it? :-[
  6. hailfrank

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    behind passanger seat on a 73 or under dash on the leftt air scoop thingy
  7. got it! now what??
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  10. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    it should say what colour interior etc and how much petrol it had in it.

    if unsure post your m plate up in general and birdy will get excited and do it for you
  11. interior was/is the dark magnolia :( i still have some of the original panels in the cellar.
    and it had 'double the amount of petrol' something to do with trains (?) at least they could tell, i've never had the sender working :D
  12. hailfrank

    hailfrank Admin esq.

    maybe they couldn't. just put double in so they didn't run out
  14. Trying to use the decoder but unsure what number goes in where....

    Do I enter the chassis number or what? The only plate I have found on mine is the silver one behind the drivers seat....

    Help :eek:
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    This is a birth certificate, i got mine from Germany, as said above you don't need one but it's nice to have...note though they are not perfect .....m code for fog lights? ermmmmmmm no!
    This is what an m plate looks like they are metal and riveted on, don't confuse it with a sticker behind the seat saying paint colours etc.
  17. Am I right in thinking that these bad boys are now 50 euros from the VW museum?
  18. Yes, this is what I paid...

    Or you can obtain a letter from the UK VW owners club but they require you to become a member, this is still cheaper but I really wanted a certificate & not just a letter...

    However reading further down they could say your vehicle requires an inspection and you have to pay costs for this so it could cost more than 50 euro...

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