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  1. I've just applied for mine after looking up the m-code info and finding it was built in August 1793, even though it wasn't registered in the UK until October 1974. I've double checked with the DVLA and they say if I can prove that then I will be tax exempt from next April! Woo Woo !!!
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    gotta be older than a splitty!
  3. ha! ok, 1973 :)
  4. If they write back an email saying they can't read the microfiche due to it crumbling with age, as happened to me with my T4 412 LS Variant, you can get a letter from them that just has to state it was built before 1974, I took that option. Only €20 instead of the €50 they charge now.
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  5. Is it normal for them to give a period of time for the build date rather than a specific month?
    Anni's an Aussie Bay so I wondered whether they just have limited info, the dates I have been given relate to the UK Registration year which I guess is OK for now but when/if they update the tax free date it will be a problem.
  6. The M Plate or Construction Plate should have a week number followed by a day number, but Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen will not accept that as the Build Date, since they are easily fabricated and riveted to the body, so they solely operate on the microfiche records provided to the Museum by VW, it seems that for October 1973 the microfiche has crumbled, therefore they cannot confirm the build date of my T4 with enough accuracy to issue a Birth Certificate. They were going to refund the €50 there and then, when I mentioned that the VIN Plate (which they do recognise as applicable), held the Chassis Number, and that these were a matter of record that on only 23434 vehicle chassis designated model 412 were built between 01/08/73 and 31/12/73.

    My VIN includes Chassis Number 7034, and the Museum was prepared to provide the above to categorically state it was built during 1973, and the DVLA are only interested in proof that a vehicle was constructed before 1974 to qualify for the Historic Vehicle Road Tax Exemption, so job done.

    However, the M Plate or Construction Plate, holds the Paint Code, Build Week, and Build Day information, and the practice at that time appeared to be a delay in the paperwork relating to the vehicle of one day.

    For example,

    The T3 has Birth Certificate based on VW Microfiche, giving 3rd April 1973

    The M Plate or Construction Plate has the following four sets of numbers
    First the Paint Code is rotated right 90 degrees to the rest, this is 69, and is official and undefined by VW, I've explained the history of the colour of this car elsewhere under the thread Show us your bit on the side.

    Then the rest 13-1-3155

    Week 13, Day 1, a Monday, and the rest of the code I've not yet been able to fathom

    Looking at an old calendar, then Week 13 ENDS on Sunday 1st April, PLUS Day 1, makes the Build Date 2nd April 1973

    I therefore believe, as it was a paperwork system, that the previous days manufacturing was then produced the next day, 3rd April 1973, as this is the only explanation.

    The above can be extrapolated to other VW Models, the T4 I have has an M Plate or Construction Plate with the following

    Rotated at 90 degrees the Paint Code N6N6, which is Tropical Green

    Then the rest 403-5035

    You can see that they have created one number out of the two previously for the Build Date

    Week 40, Day 3, a Wednesday, again no idea what the rest means.

    Week 40 ENDS on Sunday 7th October, PLUS Day 3, makes the Build Date 10th October 1973

    Following the above convention, I believe the paperwork once said that it was built the next day, 11th October 1973, following the reasoning above.

    The DVLA uses the Date of Registration until presented with information that officially confirms the Build Date, had I relied on the Date of Registration in the UK, I would have the date the T3 was imported from Cyprus on 24th August 1992, because thats what is recorded on the UK V5, even though the DVLA issued an age related plate for 1973

    The T4, it was not a great selling vehicle, and despite my assumed Build Date of 11th October 1973, it wasn't Registered as a new vehicle in the UK until 6th September 1974, and carries an N Registration. Yet Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen now confirm it was built in 1973, and thats good enough for the DVLA.Like everything else, the Government Taxes you by default, until you can prove they can't.

    I hope this explanation is useful to a few people, I'll add a later comment about the M Plate or Construction Plate, and VIN Plate on the T2 when I finally get it home, as I've no idea what format they have used.

  7. Mine came with the van when i bought it from the previous bloke...along with copies of all the certificates of people who owned it from when it came into the country...Its certainly travelled around a bit!..and its still only done 48,ooo miles or so in 41 years,not bad,i s'pose...
  8. I have found my M plate,but what does it all mean, my plate goes like this
    72 121 222
    R1 R1 77 A41 123 320
    116 710 eg 214011
    please can someone help cheers
  9. just seen this thread so is letter from vw milton keynes gona be ok , i have one of these and m plate that ties with that more or less ?
  11. Cheers theBusmonkey
  12. Mental what they charge for this now cert was free from Germany
  13. They are saying it is already registered to someone. I have sent a photo to prove I am the owner. So I will have wait and see. Cheers
  14. that will be you i would imagine , thats what it says .
  15. Ooops just decoded mine as follows: Plenty of info alas not tax exempt
    but not all is lost as listed as firbrigade form v112 makes mot exempt Also form V355/1
    section 12 Emergency Vehicles
    The term “Emergency Vehicles” is a collective
    description for the following tax classes, which are all
    exempt from vehicle tax:
    Fire Engine

    Dont want to get too excited but did this before for a Broughton 4x4 fire recovery vehicle I owned so possible!!!!! :chewie:

    M-Plate content
    ModelType 2 (T2) mod. 231(1) :
    - Fire brigade vehicle

    - Sliding door right
    - LHD
    Serial 883
    Planned production dateFriday, 18 January 1974
    Number for production planning
    (temporary serial number)7575
    Type of engineType 4 (AP) - 1795cc, 49 kW (66 bhp DIN)
    Type of transmissionManual 4-speed gearbox
    Paint colorL256 - [​IMG] Red (RAL 3000)
    Remark : Fire-Trucks
    Interior color (doorpanels and seats)51 - Dark magnolia Leatherette

    DestinationGermany, Mannheim
    12 Emergency Vehicles
    The term “Emergency Vehicles” is a collective
    description for the following tax classes, which are all
    exempt from vehicle tax:
    Fire Engine

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]M-CODES[/FONT]
    M-CODEDescriptionConcerned modelsFrom chassis numberTo chassis number
    013Middle three-person bench seat, rear three-person bench seat and interior trim in passenger compartment231
    060Eberspacher heater BA6 (LHD)- 2x4 2 000 001
    259Single-person passenger seat in cabin instead of two-person passenger seat (only with M-code 500)-
    545With headliner in the cab driver and the passenger compartment211-274
    546With additional turn signals at the rear on the roof211-274
    549Three-point safety belt and lap belt, front211-2742x4 2 000 001
    623Prepared for radio communication installation, Fully suppressed electrical installation211-274
    659Halogen fog lamp211-274

    [FONT=Georgia, Times New Roman, Times, serif]UNKNOWNS M-CODES[/FONT]

    3 206 886
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  16. Where theres a will theres a way
  17. Oh no, I stuck your details in:eek:
    Fortunately I took a screen shot so here you go.
    It must be on IP address or something:(:(:(:( SOOO SORRY
    I'm happy to admit to them I'm an idiot if you need me to. Just PM if that's the case.
  18. i did mine twice as didnt get one bit on first attempt n it came up as that so dont think its a prob , if you have v5 etc
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  19. Did you get any imformation about the bus? lol
  20. Seems some PO has removed the m plate…it's neither on the air pipe nor behind the front seats. Do they hide anywhere else?

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