Tatton Park Christmas BBQ Sunday 13th December - CANCELLED

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  1. Shame its cancelled. I couldn't make it but still. :(

    Only real issues for me now in the last 4yrs are health, distance and money. OK weather plays a big part but sometimes we need to toughen up. Says I.......

    I have organised a few meets back in 2000/2007, and to be fair they went down well.
    Meet and Greet is a big thing I feel, make people comfortable. I handed out a handshake, also a slip of paper on arrival with times of gates open/close, names of organisers and their phone numbers.
    I had to charge a fee at one meet as I paid up front for rent of the land (£250 per day), bit of a gamble so I added a small amount on top, but I used that extra to set up a BBQ for lunch which my OH (at the time) cooked.
    It was a very simple meet, everyone who stepped foot on the land signed a disclaimer for using their car in the motor-sport called Drifting. Just a day for like minded people to have fun on an airfield.
    Think I was lucky as it was summer and loads of people turned up to drift their cars in peace and simplicity because proper circuits either didn't do Drift Days then or too expensive.

    I will give Tan Hill a good shot and hope its possible to camp their. Bit of a long way for some people just for a beer and a burger and no sleep over.

    We are a special group of people, don't give up :beer: :food::burp:
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  2. I like your thinking Mr positive
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  3. rickyrooo1

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  4. Thats everyone,we are unique
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  5. I wouldnt go to tan hill if it was just for a visit without camping. Dont think that was the idea.
  6. Woodylubber

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    If we ever get owt sorted on that I'm gonna camp at the Lowest pub for one night as well then go up to camp at the highest ( Tan Hill ) may as well do it right :thumbsup:
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  7. Admiral Wells in Peterborough?
  8. MorkC68

    MorkC68 Administrator

    It's around 4hours for us Notts dwellers to get to the area, we'd just about get time for a pee and head back home again :(
  9. Woodylubber

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    Yeah but it's not stricty in Peterboghorror :eek: it's in Holme, Huntingdonshire about 8 mile sarff
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  10. Tan Hill wont happen unless we can camp. Pointless, you're right.

    1 night or 2 ???
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  11. MorkC68

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    @salad.dodger2 gotta be two nights to enjoy the scenery and explore the surrounding area!
  12. I think so too
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  13. Likely 1 night for me and then move on to the lakes. Depends when it is tbh. Id probably have to go to Keswick or borrowdale. That said i could entice the mrs with a few days at centre parks first.
  14. OK. Well I feel like I have hijacked this thread so I will update the Tan Hill thread soon.


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