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  1. The thing is, do you want to spend your evening sat under an oily bus scratching your head about why its gone wrong now, or do you want to sit on the sliding door step in some far flung place, watching the sun go down? I went for a better chance of experiencing the latter.
  2. Personally I've never experienced a mechanical related engine failure or breakdown, other than in '95 when a cylinder head spat a spark plug and took half the head with it, but this was due to an 'expert' local VW garage who had just done the service and had put new plugs in finger tight!

    None of the engines I've built have ever leaked a drop of oil and they tank along quite nicely.

    As ways there are pro's and cons with everything. For every good scooby I see on eBay for sale there is an equally bad one for sale with head gasket issues, knocking, smoking, failed turbos or misfires, so whilst undoubtedly its a great upgrade I wouldn't think that it's the great white hope for guaranteed reliability that some may claim
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  3. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Round and round and round.
    Are people not bored of these threads?
    It's like:
    Which oil?
    Should I lower it?
    How do I secure it?
    They all get stuck on repeat.
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  4. Which oil? Engine oil

    Should I lower it? you decide

    How do I secure it? by whatever means

    Am I helping?;)
  5. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

  6. kev


    when you say which oil is that for the vw engine or the scooby;)
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  7. kev


    drive a converted van then make your mind up i would never go back
  8. both....
  9. kev


    what oil is best then
  10. kev


    i didnt write what that says
  11. Ask @Baysearcher ....:D
  12. kev


    baysearcher what is the best oil to use vanorak said you was the man to ask :)
  13. kev


    i wonder what people would be saying if they left the factory with a scooby engine, and we was now doing air cooled conversions
  14. they'd probably be asking which oil to use...:D
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  15. You missed;

    Which exhaust
    LHD v RHD
    George or Mildred

    You're right, it's a bit like an Alzheimer's sufferer watching Groundhog Day.
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  16. kev


    i dont mind it as i can never remember what was said yesterday
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  17. You have to remember that there's always going to be someone new to VW, wanting to find stuff out.....the vast majority of which will have been discussed at length either on here or elsewhere....True it can be repetitive, but that's the nature of it. I rarely use the search function on here, prefering to post a new question, or search the internet beforehand, and hone it down to something more specific.
    When you were looking into your scooby conversion, I bet you posted a fair few questions, which will have been asked previously.

    I'm not having a pop, and I tend to agree with you.....some questions need to be more specific. If someone comes on and asks "what things should I do to make my bus run better?" I'd be more inclined to say read up about it then come back when you're not sure about something...which on the face of it, isn't very helpful....but it's good advice.
    If someone asks for opinions.....well, that's another story.....
  18. I don't think Baysearcher posted a single question about Subaru conversions. First thing I remember was him announcing out of the blue that he was having it done. He drove it up to Fellows and handed over the keys. I bet he did talk to real Subaru powered bus owners and took a ride as a passenger in at least one and checked out Fellows in person and had a drive in at least one there. :)
  19. Maybe on other forums with more relevant info? Who knows? It doesn't really matter either point is there's always someone further down the line that can help out, and someone just starting out that needs it....I'm not interested in what people have for dinner, or what their pets get up to, but I wouldn't infer they're somehow lacking, if that's what they want to talk about...

    FWIW I had spaghetti carbonara....forgot to take a Pic;):D
  20. Oh I agree, I've been answering the same queries for years and happy to, it's a discussion forum, not wikipedia.
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