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  1. Mazda RX Series 5 Turbo made 200 hp...nice light motor as well
  2. roughly half of that....
  3. Well all the brake and steering bits have been renewed, I will see how it goes
    ( and stops )
  4. Plus I like saying w a n k e l ....... Must be rude filter says no
  5. Sure it'll be fine.....just make s me cringe when some folk (not on here btw) are talking about 250+ at the wheels, and they're still on stock discs etc.
  6. wonder why they never really caught on....:thinking:
  7. If you're going 70mph, how fast you got there doesn't effect the braking, you're still stopping from the same speed. If you're going to drive it like a barry boy that's another thing I suppose.
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  8. Moons

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    Agree, variable is engine weight and possibly engine braking.

    Which you get zero of with a wa.nkel engine as a few motorcycle cops found out the hard way.
  9. Yeah, I got back on a two stroke after a long time on fours, first corner I came to I nearly didn't make it
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  10. If you had that much power on tap I imagine you'd be tempted to Barry it at every opportunity....:D
  11. If you're talking about the w a n k e l engine, there are inherent problems with them that you don't get with a standard cylinder and piston based internal combustion engine. They use quite a lot of oil because you're lubricating inside the combustion chamber a lot because that combustion chamber moves as part of the design. And because the seal for compression relies upon the rotor tips, you do have to rebuild them after a while as these wear out (rotor tips scrape along the inside of the rotor chamber as the rotor spins in the engine). Also, they will rev all the way up to 8 or 9 thousand, but there's no low end torque, all the power is at the top end, so you have to change your driving style to suit. They're also rather poor on emissions too.

    It's a shame really because I think they're a really clever design. A cylinder and piston engine has to solve the problem of transforming the linear movement of a piston moving up and down into the rotary movement needed to spin a wheel, but the w a n k e l engine starts out with rotary movement, so it's more efficient and no issues with big end bearings, etc. A w a n k e l engine also has a much smaller internal displacement than the equivalently powered piston engine.
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  12. Pulled the rabbit out of the hat again

    I must admit though I saw a WIZARD roadster last weekend with a scooby engine and it looked magic.

    It left black marks on the road quicker than you could say Harry Potter
  13. Scoobs are great as a quick fix you pays your money and - hey-presto, power on tap but its a challenge to squeeze more out of a vw. You cant just wave your wand and make it happen. Its got to be planned. Some here seem to just pull the parts from up their sleeve as if by Magic but theres a lot of sourcing of parts and indeed the right parts that do the job and dont just go up in puff of smoke the first time they are stressed. Its all smoke and mirrors to some of us though!
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  14. The trouble with the EJ20 engine is that it's a little underpowered;) Given the choice, I'd go for the bigger 200bhp EJ25 quad-cam. Is Baysearcher in fact my smaller twin brother? I too have just fitted a fancy wooden steering wheel to a bus which has also been without steering for 3 months now? Oh the similarities!
  15. In it's standard form It's a massive improvement on a standard 1600tp
  16. Well I wouldnt call him small. thats for sure!
  17. Not to his face anyway....:D
  18. I think you're right there @Dicky

    There is some proper technical wizardry going on these days. Some of these guys ( especially fellows) are like scorcerors making these installs look like they are factory kit, conjuring up all manner of bespoke designs. It's seems they're able to magic stuff up and just pluck new designs out of thin air. Its like alchemy. A lot of it, especially the work they do on the systems brain is proper black art psuedo science stuff.

    I'm still for aircooled though, you've got people like jake raby, James Culver, @holmsen and @Paul Weeding who are proper hermetics though, pulling off some thaumaturgy which would have the vw type 4 engine designers spinning in their graves. I'd love to get one of those clairvoyant types or someone like Derren Brown to try and contact these guys on the other side to get their views.

    I read some of what others are doing and it's like bloody Voodoo or witchcraft!!
  19. I'm sat in Berlin Airport and I swear Gandalf just walked past me (Sir Ian Mclellan (sp?)
  20. What's the item #?

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