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  1. kev


    Subaru is air cooled

    Vw engine is oil cooled
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  2. How does it drive Keith?
  3. This thread is a sign of changing times: air-cooled engined bay owners having to defend their choice of engines! :D
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  4. First and second are fine and its great up to 20 taking a run at a trailer, i will let you know more if i ever get it on the road, oh i used reverse the other day on the drive :D
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  5. Like yours. :p
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  6. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Good job I'm not in it to be cool then.
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  7. Baysearcher

    Baysearcher [secret moderator]

    Ps. What a load of old Marmitee!
  8. I did my best :oops::D
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  9. Just as well cos you're not- you're a dweeb.
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  10. kev


    Whats a dweeb
  11. Beat me to it. :lol:
  12. It's strange, Had my 1600 for 8 years, been all over the place, never missed a beat. but always was afraid it would go bang ??
    Then go ahead swopping it for a silly money unknown state scooby lump ??
    I rest my case
  13. Quite possibly as quick as yours though? and a whole lot cheaper and less effort to get to that point. I can see the attraction myself in a standard engine that goes like **** of a shovel so less likely to thrash itself to pieces and without all the years of special this and that, paying race engine builders etc. I doubt yours will still be going strong in 1oo,ooo miles and if it is you'll have had it to pieces 50 times by then?
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  14. It's all good IMO...
    Space frame and Ali panels...go's not a VW type 2 anymore, but who cares....whatever takes your fancy....
  15. I'm not talking bout my race engine,,that is really silly money.
  16. Quite right, no judgement from me. :)
    Exactly, but bolt in a subaru turbo engine and they've beat you already for comparative peanuts and it'll be a standard unstressed engine that'll last as well.

    You think you're having more fun because you're loving all the building and spec part and trying to get insane power from a crappy old VW engine, but other peeps just want to go on holiday, give the odd dickhead a surprise off the lights and avoid the huffy wife scenario when it breaks down. :)
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  17. I do like my type 4 engine at the moment wouldn't want to change anything while it is running fine , but if it went ( BANG christ all mighty ) i would't mind golf diesel conversion that's if it's been totally mastered yet , someone tell me if it has ? . Jokingly what about putting a Foden 4 cylinder 2 stroke with a dry sump , not jokingly a wealthy chap by the name of Mr Cavendish put a foden 6 cylinder 2 stroke in a 1949 bentley , an absolute killer gorilla by all accounts .

    At the end of the day it doesn't really worry me what people put in there buses , there is always going to millions of traditional buses knocking around for the puritans . lets face it the over all look of them still remains the same until they open the engine hatch or when they rip them up . One of my favorite conversions is that guy that works for Johnsons autos with that diesel conversion in that metallic green bay with just a boot where the engine was , my only criticism would be doing away with the air intake vents even though they are no longer needed , maybe it was causing unnecessary drag .
  18. A 2,4, and i have had a couple of them, will take you anywhere you wanne go with minimum of maintenance, 25-28 mpg. had mine for 4 years, did nothing to it.
    Well, took it to the track and did a 15,9 :)
  19. I have a 3.8 litre V6 Buick motor complete with conversion plates if you need it.

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