Steering box rebuild

Discussion in 'Mech Tech' started by volkswombat, May 4, 2018.

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  6. How did you remove the rubber seal from the output shaft? I have got the arm off at last but the seal is in tight

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  7. Usually removing a lip seal is done by levering it out progressively , going round and round , with a flat bladed screwdriver taking care not to scratch or dent the surface the seal is sealing against on its outside surface .

    Or if you dont want to remove the shaft from the box, stab the seal carefully until the screwdriver goes properly into the seal between the shaft and the housing and lever it out without scratching the shaft or the housing.
  8. Does the shaft come out easily?

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  9. I started to prise out the seal but it keeps splitting through,is that normal.looks like the sides of the rubber are going to be left wedged in

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  10. There will be a metal ring in there just inside the rubber.

    The shaft comes out if you remove the cover from the other side of the box with the adjuster screw on it. the adjuster screw is attached to the other end of the big shaft with a circlip.
  11. Ok thanks I did wonder if that end had something to do with it,if that comes off will I need to replace the o ring under it,as reading this post it says not to go near it if possible ☹️

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  12. Thanks @mikedjames and @volkswombat for your knowledge,I removed the shaft and swapped the seal,bit of a struggle refitting the shaft aligning it with the other curly part but all back together now and hopefully no more leaks.

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  14. Jezabels steering box. The gift that keeps giving.
    Since I "hylomared" the little sod, I left it sitting (with filler plug at top) about 1/3 full of oil to see if any leaked out.
    The casing looked a bit oily , I presumed from spilling oil on it, and a small dribble eventually appeared under the box, so I assumed it was residue, cleaned the little puddle, cleaned the casing so it was dry and it's sat there for about 2 weeks.
    I looked at it yesterday and there is no puddle underneath but the top of the casing is all glistening wet again with oil.
    How can that be?
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  15. Could it be the hot weather making any grease on the case runny and spread across it

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  16. No idea! Although it has been sitting on my workbench in the conservatory which has been pretty hot of late....
    Having said that the case has been fully degreased twice, and the last lot of spill residue got cleaned off very well so not sure where it's coming from...
  17. Where exactly is coming from? The top by the filler?
  18. I don't know, there's no visible leak, the box is only about 1/3 full of oil, and yet it's the top of the box that is again glistening with oil....
    It would make more sense if the case looked oily somewhere below the internal oil level, but it's the very top
  19. The bolt that attaches the knuckle to the top of steering box
    Appears to be made of copper??
    If thats correct, why? and can it be reused ?
  20. Dubs

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    Are you sure it's not just copper grease on it? It should be a regular bolt.

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