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  1. 3560C2F4-A0ED-45C5-9B9E-0DD46D9EB3C1.jpeg Ok. Is this meant to be joined with a screw? There wasn’t one in there ... 7C7DA0F6-18F0-4B36-B95B-21B53962169E.jpeg
  2. I would try bolting that together and try again .
  3. The starter motor bushing is likely a oil-impregnated sintered bronze bushing (eg. OilLite) . The correct lubricant is .. nothing .. .or if you really need to snake-oil it up, you need the "Samba favorite", Marvel Mystery Oil. Or 3 in 1 or some engine oil, or just rely on splash lubrication off the flyweel courtesy of the crank seal like most of us.
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  4. No. Use…nothing.
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  5. Ok. After bench testing the starter, it was really intermittent in turning.
    Also, it never turned at speed, or ‘whirred’, like it should.
    I connected that ‘contact’ to the backing plate, and nothing happened apart from smoke came out of it.
    I disconnected it, ant the motor fired up but again, it was really slow with no power.
  6. In the end, I bit the bullet and bought a new one.
    Havnt tried it yet, going for me jab. ( The old little copper bush was a feker to get out...) 6A3E0E4B-328F-4B15-948B-DF3A61F75D35.jpeg
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  7. 08838FCF-9C8F-4A79-ABA2-1D0F9B24959D.jpeg Shiney
  8. Most people just screw a tap into the bush to remove it without drilling. Don’t bench test a single bearing starter motor, it flails around and if it wasn’t knackered before the test, it probably would be after.
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  9. Believe me, there was no ‘flailing about’, with it.
    When it was ‘spinning’, you could see every individual tooth as they went around.
    And thanks for the tap advice
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  11. It’s fits,and works.
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  12. :thumbsup:
  13. I think the dynamo is next on the list,as it makes hell of a noise. Could it be the bearings in it?
  14. copper ease won’t work !! ;-)
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  15. Big hammer?
  16. What kind of noise?
  17. A sort of whining on starting,and a high pitched noise,but only every now and again. I slackened the fan belt off a bit,still the same. A mate of mine says it could be the fan,but I’m not sure...
  18. Likely the front bearing, but they're easy changed. Or lack of lube on the rear bush?
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  19. Ok, so it is a serviceable thing then? That’s good to know. I’m thinking bearing, to.
  20. Should be able to press it out, stick a new one in.
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