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  1. On a roll...
    Went to start the van earlier, started.
    Went off for a spin to try out the new tyres, all good.
    Came home, changed the oil, went to start it...
    Nothing. Solenoid clicks but starter isn’t doing its thing. Put the van in gear and rocked it.
    Nothing, just the click.
    Hit it with a hammer a couple of times, still nothing.
    So is it stuck, or just knackered?
  2. Something similar happened to me, not that I know anything, but mine was down to a loose battery connection.
  3. Thanks.
    But they are clean and tight...
  4. Battery connections, starter connections, earth cable from gearbox to body, earth strap from battery to body & first check battery voltage.
    Easy check multi meter on battery while someone cranks it.
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  5. Thanks.
    It’s a new battery, but I will check the connections tommorow. I’m sure they are ok though.
    Also, the starter motor was making a right old ‘screech’ noise, when turned over. That’s not normal, is it?
    Last time I took it off, I put some copper ease on the brass bit, in the case apperature.
    Is the noise a sign that it’s had it’s day?
  6. You need to hit it whilst someone turns engine over :thumbsup:
  7. Sounds like your starter bush has had it.
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  8. 3E4BCA77-87E3-49D6-9C06-6D3E2AE4C24C.png
    The little brass tube?
    It’s not that old, tbh. I put some copper ease on it.
    You don’t think that the starter is stuck in the ‘out’ position?
    Maybe strip it down and clean it all out?
    I found this...
  9. Unlikely, I’d think. If a pre-engaged starter was stuck in the “out” position, your wiring would be smoldering. Take the starter off, have a look. Clean the bush up and put some engine oil on it. Copper ease isn’t a lubricant.
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  10. Righto. Job for tommorow, weather depending. ( ain’t got no where indoors).
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  11. Have a good look. Don’t forget to disconnect the battery -ve before fiddling.
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  12. This. I bet it's turned into toffee.
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  13. I would swill the copperease out of the brass tube as it could be slightly abrasive with maybe some plus gas spray dry it up and as Snotty said use oil's the only lubrication it ever gets
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  14. Better still put a new one in ...not much are they those copper tubes
  15. I think I may have one in a tin of bits.
    I’ll look tomorrow.:thumbsup:
  16. If it is the pukka (bronze) one, fill it with oil and squeeze it between your fingers so it hopefully absorbs some.
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  17. They are an oil lite bush that is pre impregnated with oil .. I call the steam engine bearings as that’s when they should of stopped using them ;-) better modern materials but cheap I guess ... my issue when this happened to me was cracked ignition switch
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  18. Pifco as I say
    Find a proper one and find someone to recon it nipper :D
  19. Try it with the thick wire from the battery positive to the male tag on the starter.
    Just in case its a burnt out ignition switch.
    Mine did clicky the second time I started my bus but eventually started - in my case the vibration from waggling the gear lever fiercely and accidentally putting it in gear while rolling forward with the clutch pedal up shocked it into life.

    Five years later the ignition switch burnt out. And then the starter started doing clicks again. So that was a replacment with a GSF cheapo recon. Which still works well. As with all cheap recon kit your mileage may vary.
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  20. What about using molybdenum powder,instead of oil.
    Just another silly question...

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