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  1. In a little world of my own no doubt ...
    Was I pedestrian-ised or out in t'van ??

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  2. on t'foot. I was driving back from t'club
  3. Out for a bimble trying to stretch mi knackered back no doubt although I did catch the rugby and take in a pint or two of anaesthetic along the way ...

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  4. And I didn't realise you still went 'clubbing' .

    Splendid effort sir

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  5. Spotted today in Chapel St Leonards, yellow and white '76 bay with CHILL OUT cut into the grill between the front indicators. Anyone on here? ?
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  6. Spotted Pemberton Wigan.[​IMG]

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  7. ...but it's a "new" one
  8. I know 55 plate

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  9. Sorry, not a VW but couldn’t resist.

  10. This one is getting, as far as I know, it's first airing for a couple of years ...
    Had a garage built for it by the new owners of the big farmhouse in the village (£1,000,000 to buy, £1,000,000 to do up) ...
    I think they're just rubbing my nose in it as it's exactly the same (bar colour) as what we would have if matey the non-restorer hadn't come along and buggered about .......
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  11. JamesLey

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    A project like that came up on eBay last week that I really liked the look of. Must resist! :rolleyes:
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  12. YES! you MUST!!
  13. That Baja's not goi g to keep you busy much longer....

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  14. On the a316 last night. Anyone on here?

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  15. It’s green. It’s in that posh part of the country. My money is its Snotts on another journey back from Waitrose, another mercy dash for the ingredients to make a Jamie Oliver quiche for his unlockdown party. Local branch was out of quail eggs
  16. That van is never going to make £2m.
    Who's charging £1m for a resto :D
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  17. :rolleyes:

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