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  1. Ringwood, I reckon.
    ‘Bout 6 miles down the road from me (except I wasn’t there coz I was going north) You should pop in if you’re down there again @art b
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  2. Yup ringwood a nice old town .. :thumbsup:
    but to be fair.. pretty average...
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  3. We were on the way to Poole,
    and dropped into ringwood for lunch,
    And to have a break from the summer traffic
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  4. So I decided to cruise the backstreets of Forest Green (of vegan footballing "fame") to see if I could find the guy who I lent a small trailer to three weeks ago and who hasn't been in touch as promised (when will I ever learn)
    Anyhoo, no sign of him but at least I stumbled across this little fella:
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  5. Merlin Cat

    Merlin Cat Moderator

    Says you from Northants! :)
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  6. We have a lighthouse 415 ft high..:D
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  7. For gods sake don't tell that them southerner's they will think there is a beach at watford gap ...with sharks in with flat caps
  8. BB7251D9-7935-4CCC-B4FD-2C6784BD7D41.jpeg
    Wake up call Polzeath yesterday :)
  9. Spotted this immaculate Jurgens in Cullingworth today. Very nice indeed. [​IMG]

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  10. Who's this hipster?
    Sharing my pain on the M25 this afternoon .....
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  11. Wow! Spitting image of mine but wrong reg. I had to go into the garage to check mine was still there!
  12. That Vauxhall’s has a lamppost stuck on his roof :eek: Betty’s dad phoned today said m25 was a nightmare ,he was on coach going to Torquay took from 8:45 am till 6:30 pm to get there :eek:
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  13. The lads at @UnionAircooled have done a little work on this. Saw it in the workshop when Lila was there having a touch of work to the suspension. Also followed her out of Skegvegas. V nice, V sorted, V cool!
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  14. That makes me feel better!
    Took four hours to do a 2 1/4 hour journey from north London to near Stroud :mad:
    Wouldn't have been so bad but I couldn't stop as the daily's battery isn't holding charge and it probably wouldn't start again (giving it a kick with a charger recently until I can get it sorted or swapped :rolleyes:)
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  15. Something about a plane having to swerv rounda drone or Sumat :thinking:
  16. Didn't seem like there was a "cause" other than volume of traffic, but .......
  17. Ellie Goulding - a Young Person celebrity - got married today. And FF6CF42C-A56B-40A1-ACE9-66A7771BCD7B.jpeg she has class. Here’s what she arrived in...
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  18. Very lovely yellow bay called Buttercup round the corner from my place in Kent yesterday. Anyone on here?

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  19. That’s not a lamp post. That’s a DV27. He’s a CB’er.;):D
  20. @Lasty , wandering the streets of teddington unsupervised!
    He was too quick for a photo! :)
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